Quilt Pattern Alumni Radha Weaver on Sustainability

July 26, 2023

Quilt Pattern Alumni Radha Weaver on Sustainability.

Quilt Pattern Alumni Radha Weaver on Sustainabilityv

Quilt Pattern Alumni Radha Weaver on Sustainability: Radha has a wealth of knowledge in textiles and is truly talented. She creates unique and modern patterns not only for your home but even your wardrobe! Not only does Radha have an incredible knowledge of fabrics, she has a sense of humor, an amazing way of thinking and creative in her approach. We talk about ethics, up-cycling and sustainability as well has what she is doing in the quilting industry. She also shares what she offers and just what you can learn in her Quilt Your Jeans Course! 

In this episode, Radha gives insight on:

  • How the Quilt Pattern Writing Course was the beginning of this journey Radha has been on. She is now a modern quilter’s resource for sewing with repurposed and up-cycled fabrics. Radha shares how she has grown her business since the completion of the course.  
  • She talks about how she didn’t see a lot out there about sustainability and up -cycling in the quilty world. Radha shares what she thought quilting was and where she wanted to go with it! We talk about how quilters can make little changes to be part of the solution.
  • Radha is trying to change the way people think about sewing with used fabrics- how meaningful and impactful it could be.
  • We talk about what she has recently done with her pattern releases. Also, we talk about the value of charging and what is ethical as far as pricing goes. 
  • She shares what is covered in the course that she is offering. She starts with education, then deconstructing the jeans into usable shapes. Your jeans to jellyrolls! She teaches 3 different techniques, including how to frame your jean project! 
  • Next she she shares what she is doing currently with her patterns and how she is boldly moving forward 

Where you can find more about Radha's courses and Patterns

Take a look at Radha’s:

Curious about using some of your clothes from your closet for your net project? Sign up for Radha’s course Quilt Your Jeans 

Interested in joining the Quilt Pattern Writing Course? Join the Waitlist. The course will open in September! 

Quilt Your Jeans

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I can’t wait! 

I can’t wait for Friday mornings! I get in my car, on the way to teach my kindergarteners and listen to Elizabeth. I’ve been quilting since my college day, and I’m turning 50 in a few months. I’ve been inspired to up my game and figure out how to use the tools I already have, like EQB and Canva to make my patterns. I took the 9 week quilting class, and I’m retaking it now that I’m not under the stress of back to school season. I can’t wait to start writing patterns to sell! 


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