How Less Gets You More in Business

June 2, 2023

It episode 111, How Less Gets You More in Business, I dive in and talk about something that so many people struggle with. I’d like to shed some insight… share some knowledge to help motivate you and give you some guidance on this topic. I talk about simplicity and how less really does get you more in business. I walk you through three areas where you can really simplify your business approach. As you nail down your why, work on your wording and your marketing approach, your success will go up! When you follow the guidance in this podcast… that weight of overwhelm will fall off your shoulders. Simplify and make sure you offer value to your customers and you will experience more freedom and joy in your business. 

How Less Gets You More in Business

In this episode, I talk about:

Simplifying. What do I mean by that? There are three areas I feel that we should address today that could, if you do what we are talking about today, will bring you more success! 

  • What are you offering? Like narrowing down a niche, offering one main thing is ideal. Be specific about what you are offering. The more simple you present it the better. 
  • Next, what is your why? Why are you doing this? Allow yourself time to think. Maybe go on a walk, write in a journal and you will get to the root of your why. This will help you have the drive to keep going and give you a clear picture of what you have to offer. 
  • Now we talk about simplifying your marketing. I talk specifically about your wording.  It sounds ridiculous, but we want to talk on a kindergarten level. The human brain naturally wants the easiest and quickest way to get information… the least amount of work. You want to give your client clear, concise and simple. You want to let them know exactly what they will get in 3 easy steps. I give some examples of wording for you. 

I talk to you about Principles of Success…these are facts. If x then y. One of these principles is Simplicity. Simplicity = More Sales. I talk about why we think we need to offer more… we were taught more work will bring more success. The cause and effect and falling back on experiences prove this, so we think surely this would apply to business. This all leads to overwhelm, self doubt and fear. We feel you have to prove things to yourself and to others by doing more. I talk about value and how the time you put into what you offer does not give it value. It is what the customer gets out of it. 

Trusting the process that less will bring more can be scary, but it is true! Test it. Give it a try! 



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