Secrets Of Instagram Success

April 15, 2021

Secrets to Instagram Success with Quilters Candy

Learn my top 5 secrets of Instagram Success.

Do you dread Instagram?  Does it make you feel not enough?

Use my top 5 secret tips for Instagram success.  I promise there is a way to have Instagram be enjoyable and grow your business organically.

My 5 secrets to Instagram success:

  1. Stop Counting Your Followers

    Instagram does a great job of gamification.  That means making Instagram feel like a game, where you can ‘level up’ or have success by growing your following.
    Guess what?  You can 100% have success in your business without a lot of followers.  Plus the moment you stop worrying about how many followers you have, the more you can focus on what really matters.  This bring me to my number two secret.

  2. Ask, ‘How Can I Serve My Followers?’

    Instead of focusing on how to bring new people into your account, focus on those who are already there.
    Why are people following you?  What are you offering them that helps them?  Try serving those who follow you.  By serving, I mean things like bringing them joy, answering a question, offering a tip or advice, teach them something.
    This will make you happier, but it will also bring natural growth. People will come to your account because you offer real value and help.

  3. Interact

    A lot of my customers were first friends on Instagram.  We got to know each other, they learned to trust me, I cared about them, and that’s why they trusted buying from me.

    We live in a unique time for businesses.  We get to have real friendships with our customers, and not just people who live near us.  We have a chance to meet people from literally all over the world.  Being a real person who connects with customers allows a kind of connection that big brands can’t offer. Plus it makes what you do much more rewarding.

  4. Unfollow or Mute Accounts

    If there are accounts that show up on your feed and make you feel less then, go ahead and unfollow or mute.  They can be the most lovely person in the world, they may even have a heart of gold and have a great message and everything.  But if you feel negative when their content comes up you can take that out of your life.  

    Be in charge of what accounts you see.  If you find yourself comparing the followers, growth, success, or anything from another account, just mute it.
    I personally find that I enjoy following my customers and engaging with their content.  I am able to full use Instagram as a way to serve my customers and stay in touch with that they are asking and struggling with, and celebrate in their joys.

    Whatever approach you take to the accounts you follow, give yourself permission to unfollow or mute any account that makes you unhappy.

  5. Use Instagram Time Wisely

    If Instagram is being used for your business, use that time like you would if you worked for someone else.  If you need to set a timer, set a timer.  Try to go on Instagram with a purpose.  For example, know what you plan to post, post it, then interact with your customers.

    Instagram can be a bit of a black hole that suck our time.  It can also lead to endless searching and paths.  Be intentional when you visit.  

Secrets to Instagram Success with Elizabeth Chappell of Quilters Candy


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