From Blogging to YouTube- How Sherri McConnell Grew Her Quilting Business

June 30, 2023

From Blogging to YouTube- How Sherri McConnell Grew Her Quilting Business.

From Blogging to YouTube- How Sherri McConnell Grew Her Quilting Business. Sherri is a blogger, fabric and pattern designer, author and has her own podcast. She shares her journey from first blogging to a successful quilting business. Hear her advice and ideas that will help your creative business to thrive. 

From Blogging to YouTube- How Sherri McConnell Grew Her Quilting Business

On this podcast, we discuss the following:

  • Sherri shares how she is involved in the quilting world. She works with her daughter, Chelsea, and together they design fabric for Moda. She also is a pattern designer, blogger, shares on YouTube, and author and more, 
  • We talk about her blog…where she learned about blogging and how she got started. Sherri talks about the conferences she has attend that helped her learn how to blog and become more knowledgable in all facets of blogging. 
  • She loves Pinterest and says that 20% of the traffic to her sight comes from Pinterest. She uses Tailwind to help with scheduling and creates new content each week. She shares several new blog posts each month and gives us the types of topics and things she puts on her blog, which can be helpful for those starting out. 
  • Sherri now works about 25-30 hours a week. She now has a routine and has what she posts about down. 
  • All the things that she does in her business and what has become the most lucrative. She shares where her revenue comes from and the three main parts of her pie. 
  • We talk pattern sales and what has helped her have success in her quilt pattern sales. Her pattern sales have increased since she has been  focusing on YouTube.  YouTube has proven to be more successful platform than Instagram for them.
  • What drives her in her business? Why does she do what she does and what she loves about it! 
  • What parts of her job are not her favorite or are stressful to her? What she hires out for and what she would like to start hiring for. We also talk about finding ghost writers.
  • We talk pattern launching. How many patterns does she sell in the first week or two? Paper vs PDF. How many paper patterns she orders and what do you charge? 
  • Does she do most of her own sewing and samples? Yes!…because she loves it! We also talk compensation for what she does hire out for.
  • She shares her advice for those who are beginning in quilt pattern writing or just getting started in the quilting industry. She gives advice and ideas to et your foot in the door. 
  • We chat email lists and social media. She shares her advice to those who don’t have a large following yet or large email lists.  
  • Have you heard of Patreon? She shares what it is and what she does with this community. 

Show Notes

Where can you find Sherri? Find out what she has to offer. She shares where you can find her here:


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