3 Quilterpreneurs Share Their Journey

July 26, 2023

3 Quilterpreneurs Share Their Journey

3 Quilterpreneurs Share Their Journey

3 Quilterpreneurs Share Their Journey: On episode 118, Prairie Quilt Co, Cottage Laine and Abby Maed, three of my Quilt Pattern Writing Course alumni, share their stories and business journey since completing the course. They each have unique skills and are talented business owners who offer tips they have learned along their way. You are sure to gain ideas and guidance for your own business as they each share their journey. 

I am thrilled to have these 3 quilterpreneurs share their journey with us on the Craft to Career Podcast! 

First up, I have Amanda of Praire Quilt Co. She is a talented designer. If you haven’t yet, follow her Instagram Account. She’s learned an amazing skill in photography and branding. She gives insight on:

  • Who she is in the quilting community and a little about how she started in pattern design. 
  • We talk about her business progression. She has a very healthy, thriving Instagram account. Amanda talks about her account and why she thinks it’s grown so well. We talk about staying true to who you are, branding, colors and more. She also talks about when she started quilting and how she turned that into a business.
  • She shares what her career has looked like now that she has released patterns. Amanda tells us what she sees moving forward and how pattern writing and publishing has helped her business. 
  • Amanda tells us how she came to take good photographs and shares her tips. 
  • She also shares some great advise for new quilterpreneurs. Hint- be true to who you are! 

Next up, we have Jess of Cottage Laine, and I absolutely love the direction her business has taken and the journey she has taken to find her niche. 

She gives insight on:

  • What she does in the quilting community. She is a fabulous quilt pattern designer, fabric dyer, and has a hand quilting course. She is an alumni from 2022. 
  • She shares what her quilting Instagram journey has been. We also talk about how she found the Quilt Pattern Writing Course, what she got out of it, plus some things she wasn’t expecting! 
  • What has her journey been like over the last 6 months? She shares about her many decisions and deciding to pivot, back to what she loves, which is hand quilting and naturally dyed fabrics. When we lean into what we love, it’s always going to be more fun, enjoyable and successful.
  • She shares how she got into hand dying. She also shares the uncomfortable parts of her pivoting process. 
  • Jess talks about releasing patterns since the course (she’s released 6!) and what the quilt pattern writing aspect part of her business has looked since. She talks about the exciting things happening and about her hand quilting course. 
  • She shares about dying thread, her kits and a quilted shawl that will be coming out and perfect for fall! 
  • Of course, she shares her advice for quilterpreneurs …just do it! 

Last but not least, I chat with Abby of Abby Maed! She is such a talented and sweet person! She is an Art Gallery Fabrics Socialite. I just LOVE her designs she is coming out with.

  • She shares what she’s been up to since the 2022 Quilt Pattern Writing Course. 
  • Abby talks about the process of finding her niche and brand. 
  • She shares the story of how she came up with Butterflight, when she just could not sleep! We also chat about her other patterns she has out and she shares what her favorite part os about making a quilt!
  • Her advice to entrepreneurs is that there is never”the perfect” time to jump in. Don’t sit on it too long- just go for it! 
  • We also chat about the quilting community and how wonderful it is for each of us to encourage, grow, support and lift each other up in this journey. There is absolutely room for everyone! 
  • See her Butterflight pattern below!
Butterflight Pattern Abby Maed

Take a look at what my alumni have been up to and what they have to offer:

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