Quilter On Fire Brandy Maslowski

May 17, 2024

Episode 156

Quilter On Fire Brandy Maslowski

Brandy is a fellow quilter and podcast host. She shares her unique journey from fire fighter to quilterpreneur, her different revenue sources, and what has really helped her business grow. It can be hard to leave a full-time business and make a create career work, but Brandy has done this. She shares how she did this so that you can do the same.

In this episode Brandy gives insight on:

  • She shares her business, the Quilter on Fire, which focuses on education, community and travel. She explains what she does and who she is in the quilting industry. 
  • Brandy tours all over the world, is an editor, a quilt judge and more. She shares how she has time for it all! Brandy shares how her entrepreneur mind works and that she has to manage her time well.  
  • She is an editor for Quilting Arts Magazine. Brandy shares how that position came about. 
  • Brandy was a fire fighter for 15 years. She shares her experience and how she realized that she needed to make a career change. After 10 years of doing both quilting and working with the fire department, she made the leap and hung her fire hat up for the last time during the pandemic, as her quilting career started to blossom. 
  •  She enjoys being a guest at quilt retreats! Brandy shares what she presents and teaches. She loves to take quilters into artfulness. 
  • Brandy shares what really grew her business and allowed her to make quilting her career. Zoom was a part of that.
  • Elizabeth asks if she has gotten any negative feedback from the community. She shares an experience with feedback on a lecture and they discuss handling negativity.
  • Monetizing quilting- the pros and the cons. 
  • Brandy shares advice for those who are thinking of teaching in person or virtually.
  • She shares her biggest struggle and joy and highlight of her career.  

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