Week 3 of the Garden Harvest Quilt Along

April 28, 2023

Garden Harvest Quilt Along

Yay! It’s finally time to start sewing!

Since I have all my blocks planned out, I’m going to sew one block at a time. This will help me keep everything organized.

HST Tips:

Start by sewing your HSTs using the 10” B & C squares.  

TIP: Use a hera marker and long quilter ruler to mark the diagonal lines. Hera markers leave a crease in the fabric. I like this method because it doesn’t leave any ink/pencil residue on my ruler and I don’t have to worry about ink bleeding into the fabric. 

Half Square Triangles marked with a hera marker

…and pin the sides so your squares don’t shift while sewing. (Cute pins by Belle @SeamsSewMe)

Pinned Half Square Triangles

TIP: use a rotating cutting mat when cutting your HSTs apart. 

Using Directional Fabric for your HSTs?

Half Square Triangles Directional Fabric

The best way to make sure that both of your prints go in the correct direction is to set your fabric on your table right side up with the direction of the fabric facing the way that you would like it to be. In this example, the flowers are facing up and in the proper direction. Next, lay your second fabric on top. For this one the stripes are going vertical.

The method used in the pattern will make 8 HST at a time. Each set will look like this so that the direction of the HSTs are all facing the correct way.

TIP: HST rulers make it easy to trim HSTs to size.  The videos below show how to use four different ruler options to trim your HSTs.

Ruler 1: Quilt in a Day 6 ½” Triangle Square Up Ruler.  I like this one because you trim BEFORE pressing (only 2 cuts rather than 4).  You can press your HSTs open or to one side depending on your preference or the pattern instructions.

Ruler 2: Bloc_Loc – To use this ruler press first.  You MUST press to one side.  This ruler does not work as well if you press your HSTs open.  The BLoc-Loc ruler has a groove on the back that your seam locks into before pressing all four sides.

Rulers 3 & 4: Quilting Rulers – You don’t need a specialty ruler to trim your HSTs.  You can use any quilting ruler that is at least the size of the block you are trimming.  If they have a diagonal line – even better! If your ruler is larger than the block you are trimming, add a piece of tape near the size you are trimming to to make it easy to find the line you need.  Then just line up the seam on the diagonal line of the ruler and trim two sides, rotate, and trim the opposite sides.

Adding the A squares to the corner of your HSTs

First, decide which fabric of the HST you want to be on the OUTSIDE corner.  The A squares will be sewn to the OPPOSITE corner.  

TIP: Instead of marking lines, try using seam guide tape. Just line the corner up on the center line of the tape. If you don’t have seam guide tape, you can use washi tape or blue painters tape.  Just line up the edge of the tape with where your needed drop.  (Seam guide tape pictured is by Cluck, Cluck, Sew.)

I’m going to show you a couple different options on ways to trim your Stitch N Flip corners.

OPTION 1 – Use the Add A Quarter ruler for trimming ¼” from the seam. It makes it super easy! There is a little lip on the underside of the ruler that you nest the seam against.  No slipping!

OPTION 2 – You can also use the ¼” line on your ruler. 

OPTION 3 – Cut multiple corners at the same time by lining up the seams on a line on your cutting mat.  Carefully use a ruler and ¼” line to cut the stacked pieces.  (Take care that your pieces don’t shift while cutting!)

At this point, the block comes together pretty easily. Just lay everything out as shown in the pattern and sew the pieces into rows and the rows into Garden Harvest blocks.

We are excited to see what you are working on, so please share on social with the hashtags #gardenharvestqal and #quilterscandy

If you would like to view the full schedule, you can download it by clicking the button below.


Week three – Fabric Bundle from AGF, t-shirt from Fancy That Design House

Week four – Long Arm Quilting -Thai Charm & $50 from Lamb & Loom – 2 winners

Week five – Sewing machine

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