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Quilters Candy Membership
An Online Modern Quilt Guild

Make friends. Get the newest patterns from designers. Up your quilting skills.

Registration only opens every few months for a couple of days.  Join the waitlist and I’ll let you know when registration opens again.

Quilters Candy Membership Modern Quilt Guild

Make Friends

Make friends with quilters from around the world.  Share tips, work on the same projects, and cheer each other on.

Saltwater Taffy Quilt pattern for Quilters Candy Membership

New Patterns Each Month

Get access to exclusive patterns by top designers. Each month a new pattern is released, and members have access before anyone else.

Quilters Candy Sewing Machine

Improve Your Quilting Skills

Each month you receive quilting tips and tutorials, along with access to a library of digital downloads.

What’s included in the Quilters Candy Membership

  • Each Monday of the month new content is released.
    • 1st Monday of the month: A new quilt pattern
    • 2nd Monday of the month: A quilting tutorial
    • 3rd Monday: A Digital Download
    • 4th Monday: Meet A Member – get to know one of the members with photos and question & answers.
  • Get access to all past tutorials and digital downloads (these are not past patterns – new members do not have access to past patterns)
  • Join our exclusive Facebook group
  • Get a ‘Quilters Candy Membership’ binder mailed to you.  Use this to print off and keep your patterns, tutorials, and digital downloads.
  • After making 6 patterns from the Quilters Candy Membership you will receive a currated fabric bundle and my exclusive ‘Saltwater Taffy’ quilt pattern, not available any other way.
  • NOTE: new members do not have access to past patterns.
Quilters Candy Membership, What's included
"I love the selection of patterns and designers that are highlighted in the membership. I also love the size of each project.  They're big enough to stand alone but not so big that I'm going to fall behind or not have time to work on other projects I have."
"I love the variety of projects we get from month to month. This membership has been a great way for me to learn new techniques and practice them so I can improve my sewing skills. I also love interacting with my fellow members! It is such a fun and supportive community!"

Welcome Gift

Quilters Candy Membership Online Quilting Guild

Quilters Candy Membership Binder

When you join, a free Quilters Candy Membership Binder is mailed to you. In this binder you can keep all of you patterns, tutorials, and digital downloads from the membership.

We would love to have you join us in the membership.  Be sure to join the waitlist so you know when registration opens.

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