Its Okay To Quit

May 8, 2023

It's Okay To Quit

On this episode, It’s Okay To Quit, I speak from the heart about quitting. Why you might want to quit and why it is okay to quit, without shame. We are all trying to figure out what our next steps in life will be. Each of us deal with insecurities no matter our level of success. If you love what you are doing..wonderful! However, if you aren’t, or have circumstances that are needing you to take another direction, it’s okay! You CAN do something else. 

It's Okay To Quit

In Episode 107, I talk about the following:

  • I recently attending a Mastermind Retreat with so many extremely successful women. I want to share what I observed as I interacted with these ladies. 
  • We as business owners (and in life in general), we are just all trying to figure it out. We are constantly chartering new territory. Not knowing what you are doing is normal! So don’t beat yourself up- especially if you decide you want to go another direction.
  • I share why I bring this topic of why it’s okay to quit up. One of the purposes of our lives is self discovery. Maybe starting a business is part of that path. Perhaps starting a business was part of your discovery, but you found it isn’t for you. Maybe what you learned is what you needed to move in another direction? 
  • I talk about self evaluation. Ask yourself: Why am I doing this? Are you doing this to add fulfillment to your life? Are you doing this to add extra income? Why would I want to continue? What does success look like for me? Is what you are doing draining your joy? If you were to stop what you are doing, what would you do instead? 
  • If this self evaluation leads you to not finding fulfillment or to your goals, allow yourself to realize this and be okay. Being an entrepreneur is a lot of work it is is okay if you find this is not for you.

Taking The Pressure Off

  • I share my background, my story, of how I decided to become an entrepreneur. How all of the jobs she has had in the past, some of them just didn’t work out and were not “it”, but I would not say that anything I have done in the past was a “failure”. It was all a part of my journey. 
  • If you need to close your doors, don’t feel bad about it! There is never a reason to apologize for giving something a try. 
  • Take the pressure off… there is always a way to have success. If you are quitting because you say you’re not having success, it is okay, but know this… there is always a way to find success! It is a matter of figuring it out. You might not want to, and there is no shame in that. There are other ways to find successful and share who you are in this life. 
  • Focus on the things that bring you joy and let go of the things that aren’t serving you well. Ask yourself what your top priorities are in life. What is going to help you accomplish them? Allow yourself the freedom to step back, embrace your path. It is different for everyone!

Show Notes

I will be hosting a podcast episode that will be similar to an Instagram Live. It will be off the cuff, and I will answer questions and all the things. This special podcast date will be announced on my newsletter. If you want to be sure not to miss this, join my newsletter and you will be able to know when this is happening! 

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