Quilterpreneurs at Art Gallery Fabrics

October 21, 2022

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As a past Ambassador for Art Gallery Fabrics and now a fabric designer for Art Gallery Fabrics, I have gotten to see just how amazing this company is. I have always loved Art Gallery Fabrics designs and fabrics and have wanted to team up with them. The people at Art Gallery Fabrics are sincere, thoughtful, giving people who seek to inspire!  On a recent business retreat, I wanted to bring some of my past alumni behind the scenes at Art Gallery Fabrics. Why? In an effort to help further their opportunities, see behind the scenes and get some of their questions answered.  In this episode, co-owners Pat and Walter Bravo, are interviewed and they share more about Art Gallery Fabrics. Join in our conversation and find out for yourself just what Art Gallery Fabric represents and how they have become so successful.  My alumni ask some really great questions and you won’t want to miss Pat and Walter’s responses and advice! 

Quilterpreneurs at Art Gallery Fabrics

Co-owners of Art Gallery Fabrics respond to the following questions: 

Belle of Seams Sew Me asked:

  • Art Gallery Fabrics has a wonderful culture. All of your employees seem like family. Would you share your organizational and business values and why they are so important?

Jennie from Clover and Violet asked:

  • You have a beautiful variety if substrates. How do you decide which prints are going on what fabrics…rayon, canvas, flannel, etc? What do you take into account when deciding this?

Shereece of Sew Hooked on Treasures asked:

  • I’d like to hear about your love of your favorite color, pink! Hear about what the color means to her and how it represents her. 

Erin of Love Sew Modern asked:

  • Since being here, I’ve learned the story and history of Art Gallery Fabrics. What would be your advice for someone starting out who feels building their business is such a large mountain to climb? 

Mary of Mary Go Round Quilts asked:

  • I admire your humble beginnings and seeing where you are now as a minority owned business. What advice would you give (especially for minorities) to someone who is thinking about becoming a fabric designer, but is not sure they could do it?  

Elizabeth of Quilters Candy asked:

  • You gave advice to find your niche. Is there an area of fabric design where there is a hole Somewhere that you think we need more of this…?
  • What about “boy” fabrics? Is there a market or a demand for this?

Show notes

We sure felt the spirit of Art Gallery Fabrics as we toured their warehouse and office. I hope that as you listen, you will gain insight, learn from their experience and advice and they respond to these questions and share the behind the scene of their business. 

Find out what the latest is and explore their fabrics, patterns and look books at Art Gallery Fabrics HERE

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