Saying NO- Why you Need to and how to Do IT

September 10, 2021

Say No...why you need to hand how to do it

Saying No- Why you need to and how to do it

Saying No- Why you need to and how to do it. In this episode, we’ll talk about learning the art of saying no and how liberating that can be! Saying no isn’t always easy, but at times, it is necessary. How do we normalize saying no? We talk about the why and the how of saying no and the reasons saying no can help you be more intentional in your business goals and allow you to experience more joy in your career. Join in to learn how to avoid burnout and gain more confidence in saying no! 

On the podcast, Elizabeth shares: 

  • As entrepreneurs, we have SO MANY ideas! How narrowing in on your focus will serve you best
  • How taking caring of yourself is essential before you can give and help others. Learn how to step back and not take on too much.
  • Why we say YES and the reasons we say NO
  • How THIS quote, attributed to Warren Buffett, may be a little surprising- but so applicable.  “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”
  • Talks about balance and the process of growing your capacity to learn and do more
  • How we say no matters! Learn Elizabeth’s formula on how to say no 
  • How to decide whether or not you should say yes or no.  Sitting on your response for a short time can help you reason through and decide if this is something that will bring you joy and success. What questions should you be asking yourself?

Show Note

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