To The Nay Sayers

July 23, 2021

To The Nay Sayers

To the Nay Sayers

Nay sayers got you down? Receiving criticism is a part of running a business, but not all criticism is created equal. Nay sayers are people who try to shut you down, from saying your work isn’t good to complaining of an over-saturated market. This episode is a deep dive into nay sayer resiliency—we’ll talk about why nay sayers are the way they are, and how to stop them from getting you down. Be sure to chime in to learn:

  • Can we have compassion toward nay sayers? 
  • Why negative feedback hits harder than positive feedback
  • How to move forward after criticism
  • Coping strategies for negative feeding
  • Positive affirmations for success
  • Where you can turn for honest feedback

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Fun podcast with actionable advice!

Really enjoying the practical advice and actionable tips focused on craft business owners and hearing how other very successful businesses started out. It is SO helpful to hear their journeys and know that it all starts with small steps forward! I am slowly getting ready to launch my very first quilt pattern, website, and email list, and am finding every episode packed full with tips (and often need to pause to put ideas down on my to-do list)!! Thank you Elizabeth! @wildplumlane.quilts


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