DIY Color Card Art Prints for Your Creative Space

October 25, 2022

DIY Color Card Art Prints for Your Creative Space by Modish Quilter Magazine

By Modish Quilter Magazine

The Impact of Color

We are excited to share with you DIY Color Cards Art Prints For Your Creative Space. Do you have a favorite color or colors that you love to sew with over and over again? Have you ever loved the colors of fabrics in your stash so much that you wish you could display them in your house? Color has the ability to invoke emotion and spark joy in us. This is part of the reason behind why we’re so drawn to color. One of the trends in fashion this year was called dopamine fashion. Dopamine fashion involves wearing bright, bold colors. This triggers the pleasure centers of our brains to create dopamine. Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter and hormone in our bodies that impacts movement, memory, pleasureable reward, and motivation.

Download All 161 Pure Solids

color cards on wall

To help our fellow quilters keep motivated in their creative spaces, we at Modish Quilter have created downloadable color cards for all of the current Art Gallery Fabric Pure Solids. These simple, modern art templates finish at 5” x 7”. You can use one of them, or all 161 to add a little color to your walls. To get started on this project you will need to download the color cards here.

Selecting Your Color Palette

After you’ve printed out all of the Color Card Templates that you’d like to use you will need to cut out the coordinating Pure Solid to go with it. We chose to create a muted rainbow that showcased the different values of color. If you’re unsure how to curate your own color palette check out this blog on the Five Steps for Create The Best Color Palette For You. You can also check out Issue 5: Quilt Care of Modish Quilter Magazine where we created 7 color palettes using Art Gallery Pure Solids. These color palettes were inspired by the Pantone 2022 Color of the Year, Very Peri. For each color card you’re creating, cut one 3” x 4” rectangle of the coordinating fabric. 

Other ideas for color palette inspiration:

  • A range of color values for your favorite color
  • Cool color tones
  • Warm color tones
  • Muted Rainbow
  • Vibrant Rainbow
  • Neutral/nature inspired colors

Mounting Your Fabric

mounting your fabric

When it comes to attaching your fabric swatches to your Color Card Templates you will want to use an adhesive that doesn’t bleed through and show on your fabric. It’s important to also use an adhesive that is acid free. Some tapes or adhesives contain acid, which over time can cause damage, discolouration and even weaken the item it’s attached to. For this reason we selected to use the Scotch Scrapbooking Double Sided Mounting Tape.

Place the double sided adhesive around the perimeter of the pre-marked 3” x 4” rectangle. Once you’re happy with the placement of the adhesive you can peel off the protective layer. Place your 3” x 4” fabric swatch in place over the tape and firmly press it in place. Now repeat these steps for all of the remaining fabric swatches.

Displaying Your Color Cards

displaying your color cards

Now comes the fun part, displaying your Color Cards. We chose to use regular double sided tape to apply our Color Cards to our wall. We’d recommend checking the product that you’re using to be sure it’s removable and safe to use on walls. Otherwise you might accidentally remove some paint when you take your cards down. 

Other Ideas for Displaying Your Color Cards:

  • Using clear acrylic frames, creating a tile look.
  • Use a large floating style frame, this simplifies the look with only 1 frame.
  • Put your favorite color on a Color Card inside a shadow box. Collect other trinkets of that color to display inside the box.

If you enjoyed this tutorial we’d recommend checking out the Modish Quilter Blog for more fun tutorials. We even offer a FREE mini Sampler Issue of the Modish Quilter Magazine, which is loaded with projects, patterns, and other great content. Enjoy your color card art prints! 



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