Current Quilt Pattern Writing Students:Julia Davis and Kimberly Forman

October 28, 2022

Current Quilt Pattern Writing Students: Julia Davis and Kimberly Forman

It’s an honor and a privilege to have these two talented women in my Quilt Pattern Writing Course AND on this week’s episode, Current Quilt Pattern Writing Students: Julia Davis and Kimberly Forman. Take a glimpse into their lives and businesses as they share with us their backgrounds, where they are in their business, why they are taking my course and how what they are learning will help them with their business goals. 

I love hearing my students and fellow quilters stories. Their journey’s are so diverse.  I appreciate the skills and talents they have and what they bring to the table in the quilting world. Each of our uniqueness and our willingness to share our experiences builds such a wonderful community of quilterpreneurs. 

Current Quilt Pattern Writing Students: Julia Davis and Kimberly Forman

Today I interview Julia Davis of Red Rainboots Handmade and Kim Forman of Kimberly Forman Creative.

Julia Davis

Julia is brand new to the quilt pattern business and it is so fun to chat with her!

She answers the following questions:

  • Julia has been quilting for at least 13 years. She shares her background in the quilting industry, how she started as a hobby pouring over every quilt book in the library and all the blogs she could find. She even shares how a scam lead to her first quilt retreat!
  • Barn Quilts! What this part of her business is and how it came to be.
  • Julia is a very real, grounded and relatable person. She shares about her “whimsical” family life on a farm.
  • Why she decided to sign up for the Quilt Pattern Writing Course.
  • What her dream is for her business. 

Kimberly FOrman

Kimberley is a seasoned ghost writer, but still had reasons for taking this course.

Kimberly shares:

  • What her quilty career looks like right now. 
  • Why she signed up for the Quilt Pattern Writing Course, even with her background of many years of pattern writing.
  • Five years from now, what she hopes her business will look like and what she wants to accomplish in pattern writing and even surface design.
  • What her nest step to forward her business will be.
  • Kimberly shares about her background in art and how she feels she’s coming full circle… being able to use her life experiences through the art of quilting.

Show Notes

Where can you find out more about Julia and Kimberly and what will be coming next for their businesses?  (Be on the look out for new websites!) 

You can find Kimberly on Facebook and Instagram at Kimberly Forman Creative 

Julia can be found on Instagram at Red Rainboots Handmade 



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