Secret To Success: with Joe Hudson

May 2, 2024

Secret To Success: with Joe Hudson

Joe Hudson is the owner of Art of Accomplishment. He has been a venture capitalist, coaches CEOS, and successful business owners and teams. He joins us on the Craft To Career podcast to discuss some hidden secrets of success. After working with top earners in the business world, he has seen what makes or breaks an individual and a company/business. You will love learning from Joe some tangible things you can do to improve the quality of your life and your business’s success.

In this episode Joe gives insight on:

  •  He introduces who he is, and executive coach. He explains how he helps you and the way that you do business. 
  •  Joe shares his work history and what he has experienced in his life so far including, being in a band, recorded an album, creating movie and more. After many jobs and learning experiences, he shares how he landed in the coaching space.   
  •  To coach with him, you need to be an executive… and get on his waiting list. He is amazing! 
  • He shares about what he offers for in person opportunities three times a year after his courses. 
  • He shares a personal story about recognizing the emotional connection between money and his relationship with his father. So much of our mindset comes from our thoughts.
  •  Being able to identify the emotions you are trying to push away, then make friends with that emotion. 
  • We talk about emotions and how we need to allow, express and then feel joy. A big one is judgment from others and judgment you do… one of the greatest places to discover more about yourself.  We talk about suppressing emotions instead of feeling and expressing them the correct way. 
  • Is business a game? We talk about taking and not taking business personally… is your business your passion and your love? How do marry the two sides. Being in love with what you do is so important.
  • Joe’s coaching has shown significant results in reducing neurosis, negative self-talk, and increasing thriving and openness.
  • Personal health goals and habits- your physical state,  and how it relates. Evaluate your “should”. 

Where Can you Find Out More?

Take a look at Joes’:

Book mentioned in the podcast, if you’re raising young children: Listen. The organization is Hand in Hand Parenting 

He recommends a Core Energetics Practitioner 

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