Coaching Call Artist Sarah Clark 

March 22, 2024

Episode 148

Coaching Call Artist Sarah Clark

I’m excited to have one of the five coaching call applicant winners on the show today! Sarah Clark joins me for the first one-on-one coaching call interview. She is a surface designer and a new quilter who has tapped into something really cool. Sarah is just starting her business journey, which is one of that most magical times of discovery.  I can’t wait to see how her business evolves and grows moving forward. 

I love this part of what I do. My hope is that as you listen to this coaching call, that you will gain inspiration, new ideas, maybe even get some of your own questions you have answered. Tune in to episode 148 as we delve into the journey of a new creative business owner. 

In this episode Sarah shares:

  • The journey of finding your passion. How Sarah started pursuing and expressing her creative abilities and desire to start a business. 
  • She tells us about her very first quilt- using dresses that belonged to her grandmother! Feel the feels as she talks about this process!
  • Sarah asks for help with her email list.  Ideas for opt in’s are shared.
  • We talk about what her IG followers are intrigued with, the Trend Bible, and we talk about “what to do next”. 
  • Tangible things that Sarah can do moving forward: Continue to grow Instagram, gather email addresses, opt in’s, using Zoom or Youtube for her “story videos” etc
  • Sarah asks how do you get people to subscribe? 
  • Instagram ideas…be sure to make Education posts, Entertainment posts, Showcase and Invite. 
  • We talk about thinking of how she wants to bring in money and how as she does the things we talk about that the ideas will come. 

WHere can you FInd Sarah?

Take a look at Sarah’s Instagram and see her grandmothers vintage quilt she is making from her grandmother’s clothing! 

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Got me thinking in a new way

I love this podcast always but episode 145 with Gloria Chou really inspired me to think about PR in a new and exciting way. Elizabeth’s interview with her really helped me understand the difference between marketing and PR. Also how the possibility to get published is possible even for a small business like mine. Fantastic episode!


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