3 Hour Quilt Tutorial

May 1, 2024

3 Hour Quilt

Hello fellow makers! I’m thrilled to be here at Quilter’s Candy to share with you my 3 Hour Quilt Top tutorial! It is a fun and quick project that you can finish in a day! A bit about me, I’m Hilary of By Hilary Jordan, and I can be found in almost every corner of the internet at that username. My maker journey began at the age of 8 years old when my Grammo taught me how to embroider and cross stitch. About 5 years later I received my first sewing machine and never looked back!

What I love about the project I’m sharing with you today is that it comes together QUICK! There is something wonderful about a quick & easy project. It can be a palette cleanser between larger projects, or a perfect option for a quick last minute gift.

This 3 Hour Quilt Top tutorial uses just a few fabrics and strip piecing which means you’ll end up with a small throw sized quilt in no time! Plus it’s a great pattern to show off larger prints since you’re not going to be chopping your fabric into little bits.

Now you might be asking yourself… “Hilary, how do you know this quilt top only takes 3 hours to make?”. Well I timed myself making it. From the moment I started cutting to when I pressed the final seam it was actually closer to 2 1/2 hours. So I rounded up to 3 since I tend to sew fast. 😉

3 hour quilt

Now if you have never tried strip piecing, then you might be wondering, “what is strip piecing and why should I try it”? Well, strip piecing refers to sewing together long strips of fabric to create a larger piece. Then that larger piece is cut into smaller block units.

Those sub-cut units are then reassembled into the final quilt blocks. This is a great technique because it will save you time and effort, especially when making quilts with repetitive patterns. Sewing long strips together reduces the number of pieces to handle and stitch, streamlining the process.

cutting strips

L: Strip sets sewn together. R: Sub-cut units cut out and ready to piece into quilt blocks.

For this version of my 3 Hour Quilt Top, Elizabeth kindly sent me some yardage of her beautiful Road to Round Top fabrics. One of my favorite prints in the entire collection is Village Lane. It is the perfect background fabric and features the cutest little details.

ironing quilt

I keep my quilting designs simple when working on a project with basic quilt blocks like a nine patch and four patch. For this version of my 3 Hour Quilt Top I did diagonal machine quilting. And then added vertical & horizontal hand quilting.

back of quilt

I’m really thankful that Elizabeth invited me here today and I cannot wait to see all of y’all’s versions of the #3HourQuiltTop. 🥰

3 Hour Quilt


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