Becky Campbell of Sew Forever

May 10, 2024

Becky Campbell of Sew Forever

Join Becky’s coaching call where we look at her unique niche for English Paper Piecing. Becky has a unique product and is struggling to grow her audience and sell more products. As we tlak about what Becky can do to get more success, you will learn that these same skills will work for any business owner to grow your audience and get more sales, as well.

In this episode Elizabeth gives insight to Becky and they talk about the following:

  • Becky is a very talented alumni. She shares who she is and shares about her amazing product called English Paper Piecing Made Easy.
  • She shares what she is hoping to take away from this coaching call, which is finding help with increasing her sales. 
  • Elizabeth and Becky talk about social media and delve into why her Instagram posts may not be bringing in sales as she would like. They analyze her posts and she what can be done to make them more enticing.
  • They chat about having a “call to action” and directing them to Becky’s email list. 
  • Elizabeth and Becky analyze one of her posts. Elizabeth suggest having hooks, video, what to write in a post and what links to include in your bio. 
  • Elizabeth shares how Becky can capture emails with Flow desk and walks her through creating forms and work flows. 
  • How do you entice people to sign up? Elizabeth shares tips for video reels to make content simple, educational and attention grabbing so that more people will want to buy her product! 

Where can you find Becky of Sew Forever?

Take a look at Becky’s:

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