Free PR Help from Gloria Chou

March 1, 2024

Episode 145

Free PR help from Gloria Chou

Learn how to get featured in magazines and articles to grow your business. No paying, no algorithms to worry about, just you sharing what you love and building your credibility.
Gloria works with creative entrepreneurs to help them get features in different media outlets. Learn some amazing tips from her and get her free downloads and helps.

In this episode Gloria gives insight on:


  • The goals of her business. She is an advocate for mainly female business founders in the handmade product space. 
  • She shares how she got into this PR niche. Gloria speaks about her background and story. 
  • Gloria talks about cold pitching and what she does to find success. She shares that over time she developed the CPR pitching framework that she now teaches today.
  • We talk about not putting your eggs in one basket with social media. There is value being on a podcast or in magazine. Podcasting, magazines, gift guides all put you directly in front of buyers.  You will gain credibility and so much more.
  • Gloria shares examples of phone call pitches. she speaks on starting your pitch with relevance. What are the current trends? Predictions? Positioning yourself as an expert and leading news and relevance. Her CPR method works so well. 
  • We talk about diversity and why Gloria is so passionate about opening doors for more inclusivity. Gloria shares how you can become more diverse and help all belong. We talk about how we can get proximate to things that are unfamiliar to us.
  • Gloria shares her advice for solo entrepreneurs. She gives PR tools that are free. First, Get your brain to think of headlines and subject lines rather than features and benefits. Get Google News Alert and find where the trends are. Second, Look at Help A Reporter Out (ASRO) and follow hashtags.  Third, watch her masterclass where Gloria goes step by step sharing the CPR method. 
  • Gloria says everything we want is on the other side of that send button. 
  • We talk about founders stories and how you draw out what you can share- you story. She explains how her program helps with this. 
  • She delves into her method, the Creditability, Point of View and Relevance framework (CPR). 
  • She talks about being an expert and how we can do things that are uncomfortable but strengthens our resilience and helps us grow. 
  • Find a list of seasonal trends in the show notes! She shares about her freebie: 10 Angles That Anyone Can Pitch All Year Round.
  • She talks on how you can get your products into a gift guide and how to pitch them.
  • Gloria talks about the highs and lows of her business. What she has struggled with and wat she has learned about being a leader. She shares about her team and hiring others.
  • She talks about healing herself and her relationships with her mom and how body and mind are connected. We need to help ourselves and take care of ourselves in order to be successful in business. 

Gloria's success resources

Take a look at Glorias’:

Find more information on the Free PR Secrets Masterclass on her website. 

Get the FREE 10 Angles That Anyone Can Pitch Year Round. Just send her a DM with the word PITCH and she will send that over to you for free. 

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