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March 29, 2024

Episode 149 (1)


Online Course Consultant and Facebook Ads Manager shares a wealth of knowledge, tips and value on how you can boost your profits and grow your online business. Seriously, you’re going to want to grab a pen and paper and listen to this episode more than once to glean from the information Kwadwo shares. Episode 149 is a masterclass in itself. 

At what point is it worth it to pay for ads? What works and what doesn’t? Learn about running ads, leads, copywriters, gaining credibility and more! 

In this episode Kwadwo gives insight on:

  • Introduces who he is and what he does as an Online Course Consultant and Facebook Ads Manager. 
  • We talk about different ads for courses and memberships. Kwadwo explains that ads for course creators fall into 3 categories. 
  • When someone has a membership or a course- at what point is it worth it to pay for ads? Kwadwo explains when you should invest in ads. You need a proven offer first before you start pushing ad money and he shares how you can do this.
  • Is it a good idea to grow an email list with Facebook ads? yes. We talk about approaches and ideas on finding what content will attract leads. 
  • I took Kwadwo’s beta course for running your own ads. When you are first starting out, you do not have the money to run ads. His course shares an easy step-by-step outline to set up your ads and what you can do when your ads don’t work right and more. His course, Lead Gen Cheat Code, is a great way to learn! 
  • He shares the difference between lead gen ads and sales ads. 
  • Kwadwo shares some big “no-no’s” he sees with ads. He shares what works and what doesn’t. 
  • We talk niches and how important they are. “If you’re selling to everyone then generally you’re selling to no one.” 
  • Copywriters do research and wording for you. He shares what that looks like.
  • We talk about Authority and Credibility. Kwadwo explains the dangers of running ads before you have it and how you gain credibility. He also shares ideas.
  • He shares some examples of things that pack a punch and add value. Pick one problem for your course to solve. 

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Listen to his podcast The Art of Online Business. This podcast serves you with tips, tricks and strategies that can help you grow! 

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Review of the week

nie Brady,

Something for everyone…

I love listening to this podcast while in my sewing room. Elizabeth does an excellent job diversifying the topics and guests she provides for her listeners every week. Many of the people I follow on Instagram are people I have “met” virtually through this podcast, and I love that I can continue to learn from these people even long after their episode is over. Each episode is a gift that truly keeps on giving. Whether you are just thinking about starting your creative career or you are a seasoned business owner, this podcast will provide you a wealth of knowledge and benefit you wherever you are on your creative journey.


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