Mind and Body with Tanessa Shears

January 5, 2024

Episode 137 Mind and Body

Mind and Body with Tanessa Shears

Mind and Body with Tanessa Shears is the perfect episode to kick off a new year with! It was such a pleasure to have Tanessa, a health consultant for entrepreneurs on the podcast. Tanessa shares insight on mindset, bio hacking, making lifestyle changes and about finding success in meaningful and impactful ways..

In this episode Jess gives insight on:

  • Tanessa studied Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology. She helps others create sustainable health protocols that fit in around the busy lifestyles we all have. Tanessa teaches you how to feel more energized, focused and have more clarity day to day. 
  • Biohacking- what is it? She talks about changing your environment inside and outside your body.
  • Tanessa also explains what an aura ring is and how this can be a very helpful tool in tracking how your body is responding.  
  • We talk about what we can do to not have guilt and really lean into things that will help us. 
  • Tanessa talks about our brains being our solution. We have to change the way we think. If you want to change the way you feel about food, it has to change in your brain and your thinking. 
  • She shares about what her lifestyle looks like and how and why it is this way. 
  • Tanessa explains the “when then” fallacy and doing the work to change your brain now so that you won’t be disappointed with the outcome. 
  • You can have the joy that you hope to have after a goal. She tells us 2 things she suggests to gain that mindset you need. 
  • Tanesssa shares the services that she offers- part consulting and part coaching. 
  • Sometimes with think our thoughts are facts. We are really harsh on oursleves. Recognizing thought patterns and the physical cues that come with them. 
  • We talk about mindset and lifestyle choices. When is enough enough? Enough is when it erodes the bandwidth you have for a great quality life. She shares how she found freedom. 
  • We talk about what lights you up and how you can find what is inspiring you and lighting you up. 
  • Tanessa talks about compassion for self and for others. your thoughts create your feelings. 

Tanessa's Resources

Take a look at Tanessa’s resources, suggestions and how she may be able to help you:

FREEBIE! Find the Playbook to the 12 Best BioHacks to Help You Feel Good. Bio-hack your energy!

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So excited

I happen to search craft found your show and decided to start listening and I’m so happy that I had found it. I am finding that this is helping me and my best friend. We just started our little business and we have found that we are struggling but with all the tips and tricks that you have supplied us with, we are so excited and eager to try them out and see how it goes. Thank you so much we are going to so continue to listen to the rest of your podcast in hopes that maybe it might help us become a better crafter


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