Business Growth with Artist Alex Kincaid

April 26, 2024

Episode 153

Business Growth with artist Alex Kincaid

Alex is a floral watercolor teacher who sells and licenses her art. Her business has grown a LOT in recent years. She shares what has made the difference, what entrepreneurs can learn about memberships, surrounding yourself with other successful individuals, and what makes (and what doesn’t) make a difference for success. 

In this episode Alex gives insight on:

  • Alex teaches women how to be a very good watercolor floral artist. She shares how this came about and what her business journey has looked like. 
  • Alex shares how she started earning money with her paintings and how she got the word out there.
  • In 2020 when covid hit, she had to be creative on how she was going to move forward, as she couldn’t teach in person any longer.  she shares how she shifted and what she does now! 
  • She took the Immersion Course with Bonnie Christine to learn more about creating art and found that she could could actually make a career of teaching once a year (instead of every weekend in person). She thought… wait, if she can do this, I can do this! 
  • Alex launched a membership and shares how that went and some advice.
  • She gives advice on implementing what you learn – stop getting stuck in the loop of learning. Alex gives advice on adapting and more! 
  • Business advice- do people come to you asking for this? She shares more about how she loves talking about business. 
  • She talks about setting boundaries and how she had to make changes in her personal life and business life, like hiring help, getting enough sleep, eating well etc. She realized that other areas of her life directly affected how healthy her business was as well. 
  •  How she got an amazing launch in December! She talks about charging, raising prices, hiring out for her Facebook ads. She shares how she does her workshops and invests what she earns back into ads. She shares how many people joined her membership because of this workshop. It was life changing!
  • Jump into launches and memberships that are successful to see how you can tweak it for your own product. 
  • The more success you have the more stones are thrown. How she has handled that. She talks about how she deleted comments and then also self negativity is not allowed in her membership. 
  • They talk hiring help! How she decided what to hire, who and how she found them. 
  •  She shares about her membership- how often it opens, what is offered and how she does things.
  • Alex shares what she has enjoyed the most about having a creative business.  
  • How she is coping with the money mindset and welcoming success. She shares her over all advice to success as well! 

where can I find out more?

Take a look at what Alex has to offer! Be sure to check out her watercolor class and membership:

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Exactly what I’m looking for

This is fantastic and so timely for me. Elizabeth really gives the brass tacks of running a successful craft based business while not shying away from the hard stuff.

I’m loving the clarity and transparency in her approach. I look forward to being an ongoing listener.


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