Setting Goals That Don’t Depress You

November 10, 2023

133 Setting Goals That Don't Depress You

Set goals that don’t depress you. What does that mean? I will teach  you a way to set goals that take the emotions and the major up’s and down’s out of the equation. Goals that are out of your control are depressing. You cannot control what other people do and do not do. When you make goals with an end result in mind, that is all you focus on….and if you don’t meet it? Well, that is depressing!  It is all about making goals that are in your control, not out of your control. Instead of focusing on the end results of a goal, focus on the actions that you have control over. Your happiness and success isn’t dependent on the results that you get, it is dependent on that actions you’re taking. I share ways to change your mindset,  show up, be consistent and see that success you are aiming for! You will find this way of goal setting liberating and motivating. 

In this episode I share:

  • Emotions of an entrepreneur and goal setting. I share hoe making goals that are in your control level the playing field and put the ball in your court.   
  • Making goals where you are in control will get you better results that just simply focusing on the end results. So what do these goals look like? I give you examples.
  • I talk about consistency. When you are consistent with your efforts, success will come. Consistency moves the needle. Don’t worry about being perfect or only putting things out there that are “perfect”. You need consistent quantity and then the quality will come. 
  • One thing that is important is that you are moving forward with something that is marketable. So some market research to make sure what you are offering is unique. is it solving a problem? Is it something that people want? Is it bringing value?                        Time + Progress = Success. Keep showing up consistently.  
  • Business is a long term game. Change your mindset and set goals where you are in control. You will find it liberating! 

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