Hosting a Collaboration

April 14, 2023

Hosting a Collaboration

Hosting a Collaboration with Cindy Hilfiger. Recently, Cindy participated in a collaboration with other Quilt Pattern Writing Course alumni. She shares what this collaboration looked like, what she learned from it and what success has come because of it. I love Cindy’s willingness to share and be open with things that are working for her and offer tips that can help others grow in their business as well. Don’t miss episode 104, as our hope is that it will be helpful for you to find success as you implement collaboration into your business strategies. 

Hosting a Collaboration

In this Craft to Career episode, we talk about the following:

  • How Cindy caught the quilting bug 25 years ago! She shares how she became interested in quilting and how she got her mother and then her aunts became interested too. They took classes and went to retreats together! She shares a quilt in the show notes that her mother made during one of those events. 
  • She shares what kind of business she has. She started out with cotton pottery, but is now in the business of longarm quilting.
  • Cindy tells us why she decided to sign up for the Quilt Pattern Writing Course. 
  • She is releasing her pattern, Watson Star, as a result from the course on April 12, 2023! 

Hosting a Collaboration

Let’s chat collaboration!

  • Cindy tells us about the collaboration she did with 12 alumni from the pattern writing course. How that came about, what they did, how they organized it and how it worked. 
  • She shares that the goal was to build each others emails lists and to put a quilt out there for beginners, doing one block at a time.
  • What the logistics of the collaboration looked like. They were blown away with how many people signed up! 
  • We talk about the marketing aspect and the importance of all being on the same page and knowing what to expect.
  • She shares some insight with some things she has learned and what she may do differently if she were to do it again. 
  • How do you decide on who to invite to collaborate with? Reaching out to friends, those follow that you feel you jive with in style and making sure they agree with the promotional aspect. 
  • She share some last words of advice for someone who is thinking of doing a collaboration. 

Show Notes

Where can you find out more? 

Here is Cindy’s recently released pattern, Watson Star! You can find this pattern HERE .

Watson Star

You can see more of what Cindy has to offer on her website:

 The Longarm Quilter Co.

Find her on Instagram as well:


The Springtide Sampler Project!  Want to join? This photo below is the collaboration quilt! The link will be active through the end of the April 2023. If you sign up you can get all 12 blocks and finishing instructions!

Sign up here:

The Blooming Nine Patch quilt that is referenced in the podcast:

Blooming Nine Patch



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