Vintage Wire Headband Tutorial

December 21, 2022

Vintage Headband Tutorial

Hello! I’m Liz Erekson from Henry and Ethel Designs. I create modern quilt designs that have a vintage and nostalgic feel. My love for quilting began about 11 years ago and I’ve always loved beautiful designs from the past, so it has been natural for me to combine my two passions. 


I’m happy to be here to share a fun scrap busting project with you today! I’ve always loved the look of vintage headbands, but have never been able to tie them correctly (usually getting my hair caught up in them as I tie the knot). After some trial and error, I have come up with this Vintage Wire Headband that is quick to make, plus easy and comfortable to wear. 

Vintage Wire Headband

To make the Vintage Wire Headband you will need:

  • The Vintage Wire Headband Template
  • ¼ yard of fabric (or a scrap that’s 7” x 35”)
  • 34” of 19 gauge craft wire 
  • Wire cutters 
  • Basic sewing supplies
Vintage Headband pattern

Cutting the Headband

Start by assembling the paper template. Fold your fabric in half widthwise and place your template on top, being sure to line up the fold of the fabric with the side of the template with the arrows. Cut the fabric along the template.

cutting the headband

Sewing the Headband

Open up your fabric and then fold it in half the long way, with right sides together. Press it along the fold line. Pin or clip it along the raw edge. Sew all of the way around using a ¼” seam allowance, leaving about a 2”  opening on one side. 

sewing the headband step 1
the opening

Clip the corners to reduce bulk for better points. Cut a small hole on the folded side, opposite of the opening.

opening and clip hole

Turn your headband right side out through the opening, push the corners out, and press.

turn headband right side out

Insert Wire

Prepare your craft wire by curling both ends, using the wire cutters.

insert wire

Reach through the opening and pull out the hole that you previously cut.

insert the wire

Insert the wire through the hole so that it is running the length of the channel.


Finishing the Headband

Sew the opening closed by hand, or edge stitch using your machine and matching thread. And you’re done!

Vintage Wire Headband

Tips for wearing your Vintage Wire Headband

These are very comfortable to wear. The wire should be on the side of the headband that is away from your face for maximum comfort.


There are several ways to wear it: 


  1. Twist the ends of the headband around each other once to make it look like a bow:


example one wearing it

2. After twisting the ends around each other once, tuck the ends under the wire:

wearing headband visual instructions
  1. Wrap the ends around each other to make it look like a knot or rose:
knot or rose example
  1. Turn the whole headband around so that the ends are twisted at the base of your head, and hidden under your hair:
knot hidden under hair

These are so fast to make! They are great last minute gifts and can double as a bow on a wrapped gift!

Headband gift under the tree

Be sure to head to my website to get the free template here. If you make a Vintage Wire Headband, I’d love to see it! You can find me on Instagram: @henryandetheldesigns, or on my website:


Have a Merry Christmas everyone!



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