Using Past Experience in her Quilty Career

September 30, 2022

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Success is not found on a straight path! Hear about Jennifer’s Long’s journey and how her experiences have added up to bring her to where she is now and how her past has shaped her future. Jennifer, once a ballet instructor with an Early Childhood Education degree, now quilty expert, has a long list of experience and is an absolute wealth of knowledge. Hear about how she has used her past to create a fabulous niche. She shares what she has to offer as a fabric, pattern and doll designer and brings inspiration to her listeners! 

Using Past Experience in her Quilty Career

In this episode, Jennifer shares:

  • How she started as a ballet dancer who opened a dance studio before she decided to take her sewing hobby and make it a career. She learned all she could about patterns, designs, programs while her kids were young with the goal in mind to start a career in the industry. She started slow and when her kids went to school full time, she was all in! 
  • How she studied and read patterns nightly and how this helped her to become a great ghost writer and write her own patterns as well.
  • Jennifer is very disciplined and focused… but she had to learn balance. How?
  • Success is not a straight path. How she came to give herself grace after learning from making errors, falling down, making corrections, learning the industry, finding balance and pivoting and evolving.
  • All about her niche in the quilty world! How sometimes it is scary to create a niche. Once you evaluate how your life experiences have helped you find your creative voice- you can decide and start the step-by-step growth. 
  • Things happen that you won’t expect. You don’t know what is behind the door until you step through it. 
  • Why are people so afraid to niche down? Hear Jennifer’s why and how you can avoid being afraid to niche down.
  • Branding! What is the difference between a niche and a brand?
  • Her path to becoming a fabric designer for Riley Blake. She shares what her recently released collections are.
  • Sometimes our path of what we have envisioned does not evolve in the ways that we originally expect… and that can actually be a great thing!

Show Notes

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