Growing Her Quilting Career

June 24, 2022

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Growing Her Quilting Career with Jennie of Clover and Violet

On this week’s episode, Growing Her Quilting Career with Jennie of Clover and Violet, we hear from Jennie who is a Craft to Career Course Alumni. Learn about Jennie’s quilty business and what has helped her in growing her quilting career.  Glean from Elizabeth’s business coaching and her advice about getting to that next level of business growth. The information in this podcast will be applicable to lots of business owners. Join in and learn how you too can take your creative business to the next level.  

Some of the things talking about during this podcast:

  • Jennie shares what she does and how she started designing small project patterns with a quilting aspect to them.
  • In 2009, Jennie wrote her first pattern. Find out what that was and how her business has evolved from there. 
  • How she was determined to do a membership and what her membership is all about.
  • The Craft to Career Course… what Jennie’s motivation was to sign up.
  • Elizabeth shares Launch Strategies and what would be helpful to have a successful launch.
  • Jennie describes what her biggest struggle is with her business and ideas are brainstormed. 
  • Diversifying and having other revenue streams is discussed. Growing a membership, course ideas and other advice is shared. 
  • Social Media burnout. What do you do about this?
  • We talk about…you guessed it- email lists! How Jennie is growing her email list and her email content strategy.
  • Tips and advice for new entrepreneurs. 

Show Notes

 For more specific details on Jennie’s membership, follow this link.
You can also find Jennie here:
Elizabeth’s FREE Canva Mini Course 



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This Week's Review

Braving Belle,

Supportive, Transparent & Real

I’ve listened to Elizabeth’s Craft to Career Podcast since the day she launched her first episoide and find value in each and every one. As an entreprenuer of two businesses, one being in the quilt industry, I look forward to ‘Craft to Career Fridays’ knowing I’m going to learn something new each week. I especially enjoyed her most recent episode about her journey to fabric designer and publishing author. I appreciate her vulnerability and openness about the ins and outs of her story and found myself crying along with her when she shared a touching moment about her upcoming fabric collection being a tribute to her mother. If you want to experience a podcaster with valuable content, heart and openness, then this is the one for you. You’ll never want to miss a Friday episode. Thanks for the value you offer the quilty world, Elizabeth. You make mine a better place.


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