16 Ways To earn Money As A Quilt Pattern Designer

July 1, 2022

16 Ways to Earn Money as a Quilt Pattern Designer

Can you actually earn money selling quilt patterns? Want to diversify your income? In this week’s podcast, 16 Ways to Earn Money as a Quilt Pattern Designer, I answer the “how’s” to these questions. Learn different ways to earn income as a quilt pattern designer, plus tips and insight on how to have success with your business. My hope is that you will hear something today that will spark an idea and open your eyes to earn more money as a quilt pattern designer. If you have an idea that is not talked about in this podcast- try it! We can’t just sit around waiting for inspiration or hold off until we know just what to do. It doesn’t work that way. Success takes momentum. Action first, then inspiration, followed by success. Try one of these 16 ideas and just start doing! You are sure to see success! 

16 Ways To Earn Money as a Quilt Pattern Designer

Here are the 16 way to earn money that are talked about in detail on the podcast:

  1. Selling quilt patterns on your own website.
  2. Teaching… where and what to teach.
  3. Teach Courses online with paid access.
  4. Host a challenge! 
  5. Consider hosting a Quilt Along or a Sew Along. Tips on how to do this.
  6. Teach others the techniques in your patterns so that they, in turn, can sell and teach others your pattern.
  7. Become a Ghost Writer. What you must learn to be up to Industry Standards as well as pros and cons to becoming a ghost writer. Is it for you?
  8. Submit to magazines. They pay well and are always looking for designers. Plus I talk about the benefits to this for your business.
  9. Publish a book and how it builds credibility. 
  10. Start an online membership or a subscription. 
  11. Create merchandise with your designs on it and sell it!
  12. Build and audience and design quilting fabric. What is appealing to fabric design companies and what you need to learn.
  13. Creating and selling Quilt Kits with your well selling patterns. 
  14. Become a Tech Editor. Tips to find out if this is something that might be of interest to you. 
  15. Mentor others with their quilt pattern writing. 
  16. Long Arm Quilting ideas 

Show Notes

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