My Journey to Fabric Designer and Published Author

June 3, 2022

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My Journey to Fabric Designer and Publishing Author

In this week’s Craft to Career episode, My Journey to Fabric Designer and Publishing Author, I remove the curtain and become transparent for you. I share with you, my journey and the process of becoming a new fabric designer, as well as a recently published author. Hear how I became interested in quilting, quickly fell in love with it, and gained a desire to start a career in the quilting industry. 

My hope, as you listen to my story, is that you use these words of advice, encouragement, and how this all came about for me, to inspire you in your goals and dreams. If you have a desire to design fabric, write quilt patterns, publish a book, start a membership, or anything else your entrepreneurial spirit is calling you to do- just jump in and do it! The world needs you, your talents and what you have to offer. 

What I Talk About In This Podcast

  •  I start from the beginning! How I began with a subscription box, Quilters Candy Box, and how I devoured business and marketing books (I found I loved this!) to learn how to become a successful business owner. 
  • How I became a Sewcialite for Art Gallery Fabrics 
  • Using the business model for Quilters Candy Box, I decided to create a digital membership. I share what I have discovered as I have focused on this and what I lOVE about it. 
  • My relationship that has formed with Art Gallery Fabrics and what I found attractive about them, as a small business owner. 
  • Wondering how I started designing fabric? 
  • How those I met at Quilt Market inspired me to know the type of business owner I wanted to be and what I do next in my career…which was creating a course in how to write and sell patterns. 
  • Publishing a book was next on my list! I share the process and how publishing with a publishing company carries merit, weight and was beneficial to me. 
  • I talk fabric design! How I was finally able to develop my look and brand. Going with your gut, with what you really love, and reflecting that in your fabric is key. 
  • The journey and my process in curating a fabric line.
  • How the name of my new fabric collection came to be. I share some raw emotion while telling you some special stories of my mom. Why my first fabric line has such meaning and is very special to me. 



Join me next week and EVERY week for new content helping you turn your craft into a career.

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