Quilt on a wall with a yellow chairin front of it. The quilt has colorful fabric bundles tied with ribbons

New ‘Bundles Of Joy’ Quilt Pattern: Every Quilter’s True Joy

What brings more joy to a quilter than a fresh, new bundle of fabric? When I thought of designing a ...
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A collage showing woman at a quilt retreat, fabric, and pins

Everything You Need to Know about Quilt Retreats

I am excited to have a guest on the blog today who knows ALL about quilt retreats!  Let me introduce ...
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3 fabric book marks made of blue fabric, one being used to hold a book's spot

How To Make Quick & Easy Fabric Book Marks

I am excited to have a talented guest on my blog today.  Mara, from The Quilt In Progress, is sharing ...
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Two hands holding flowers with the words love letters on it

My Favorite Classic Quilt Block

*Steps to Making a Quilt Top using this Traditional Quilt Block Below* Dear Star Flower, how I love thee.  Let ...
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A flat lay of air pods, a laptop, and a flower that says The Business of Surface Pattern Design

Want to be a Surface Pattern Designer?

**Save $100.00 on Bonnie Christine’s Surface Pattern Design Course** Find out how! Have you dreamed of designing fabric?  Or maybe ...
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Cafe Tiles quilt hanging on a wall with a plant in front of of it

New Cafe Tiles Quilt Release

I am SO excited to share my newest pattern, Cafe Tiles, with the world. Two Decembers ago, I was eating ...
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Orange, yellow, and peach fabrics in X Marks The Spot quilt top, folded and words that say Quilt Patterns

Want to Write Your Own Quilt Pattern?

Have you wanted to write your own quilt pattern? I am sharing the two most useful tools I use to ...
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How to Stay Focused as a Creative

If you’re like me, a creative, it can be difficult to stay focused and organized.  Doesn’t creativity mean being scattered?  ...
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