Playtime, a free modern quilt pattern and tutorial

Free Beginner Quilt Pattern, ‘Playtime’

Learn to make this ‘Playtime’ Quilt with a Free Tutorial I’m excited to share this free ‘Playtime’ Beginner Quilt Pattern ...
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3 ways to finish a quilt by hand

3 Ways to Finish a Quilt by Hand

Amanda from Broadcloth Studio shares 3 Ways To Finish Your Quilt by Hand (besides a running stitch) Hi, folks, Amanda ...
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Best Beginner Quilt Quilters Candy

The Best Beginner Quilt: ‘Better Together’

The Best Beginner Quilt Pattern I have been working on a totally new kind of quilt pattern for some time ...
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After The Rain Modern Quilt Top

‘After The Rain’ Quilt Inspiration

Inspiration for the ‘After The Rain’ Quilt Inspiration for ‘After The Rain’ quilt come from seeing so many uniquely colored, ...
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Close up of quilt made with Bias Binding by The Small Circle

How To Use Bias Binding: A Full Tutorial + Video

How to Use Bias Binding + Video Tutorial Why am I sharing a Bias Binding Tutorial with you? I have ...
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All About Long Arm Quilting

All About Longarm Quilting

All of your Longarm Quilting Questions Answered Quilt maker: Raquel Riche IG @richeraquel Jenae Alves shares everything you need to ...
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A free modern quilt pattern

Quilts As Decorative Wall Hangings

Learn to Decorate with your Quilts as Wall Hangings Want to learn to turn your Quilts in decorative wall hangings? ...
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bright colored fabrics rolled and tied with string

DIY Face Masks – Fabric Matters why the Fabrics you use for Face Masks REALLY MattersHave you heard a lot about DIY face masks lately?  ...
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