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Avoid Quilting Body Aches

Avoid Quilting Body Aches

Let’s work together to avoid quilting body aches.  Quilt pain is a real thing.  I am here to tell you that sitting and quilting, or cutting your fabric for long periods of time, can reek havoc on your back and shoulders. Continue reading “Avoid Quilting Body Aches”

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FREE Quilt Care Card

Free Quilt Care Card

Do you want a free Quilt Care Card?  Since it’s close to the holiday season and gift giving is near, I am sharing something to personalize your gift giving.  Now if you are giving a QUILT that you handmade, it’s hard to make it more personal than that.  But there is something you can add to make the presentation extra fun.  Let me share what I mean. Continue reading “FREE Quilt Care Card”

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Quilters Candy News

An Insider’s Look at International Quilt Market

Learn All About International Quilt Market

I will share an insider’s view of International Quilt Market.  It is held twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall, although this may change to just once a year I have heard rumored. Continue reading “An Insider’s Look at International Quilt Market”

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AGF Sewcialite

Cool Creations with Art Gallery Fabrics


Here are the winners of my Art Gallery Fabric Competition.  I am SO excited to share the 4 makers that were selected to make something unique with their Art Gallery Fabrics.

Here are the makers, what they made, and what fabric they used: Continue reading “Cool Creations with Art Gallery Fabrics”

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