Fabric and Quilt Design with Sharon Holland

July 29, 2022

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Sharon was such a joy to have on the podcast! Listen today to Fabric and Quilt Design with Sharon Holland as she shares about how she got started as a fabric designer. Sharon is talented and successful, and one of my favorite, fabric and quilt designers! Her unique style and aesthetic is impressive. She shares her story about how she has become a designer for Art Gallery Fabrics, as well as some invaluable tips and great advice for being authentic, staying true to yourself and being successful! 

Wonder what we talked about?

These are a few points we discuss on the podcast:

  • She shares her background and work history. How she got started in fabric and quilt design.
  • How she got into magazine editing and design. Actually for a couple of years she did “all the things” for this magazine. Not only do she do editing and design, but photography, pattern writing, sewing, etc. It was a crazy time! BUT she learned a lot, like pattern writing, in the trenches!
  • Art Gallery Fabrics found her through the magazine. She really enjoyed working with them, as she compiled the magazine, and really just fell in love with everything about Art Gallery Fabrics! Hear what this all lead to. 
  • She designed for Paintbrush Studios and talks about how her style and aesthetic evolved -then vs now. 
  • Sharon talks about how she found her sense of self. Her advice to listen to your inner compass. Don’t be swayed by trends that might not be you. Finding your inner voice and become the trend setter!
  • At what point with Art Gallery Fabrics she felt there was a shift. Her two fabric lines that she felt were pivotal for her and why.
  • How long it takes her to create a collection. Find out what her helpful hint for designers is that she has found to be invaluable. She shares her process of creating a new collection.
  • Quilt Pattern Testers. What she does and how she came about it. it might surprise you that she doesn’t pay her pattern testers- however find out how she offers them great value in other ways.
  • Hear her tips for podcast listeners and what she finds so important. 

Show Notes

If you have not seen her fabric and quilt designs, collections and work, please find inspirational art here:

  • Find her collections, like the Willow Collection, on her website. 
  • Follow her and find inspiration with her beautiful fabrics and patterns on Instagram
  • Don’t miss out on this FREE PATTERN, the Roundabout Quilt!
Roundabout quilt by Sharon Holland

The gorgeous Roundabout Quilt. A fun, and free, beginner friendly quilt pattern.

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