Quilt Pattern Writing Course

Quilt Pattern Writing with Quilters Candy

Learn to

write and sell your

quilt patterns

Calling all quilters who, despite knowing you are So. Ready. For. A. Creative. Career. . . 
You aren’t completely confident in taking your pattern-writing goals from dreaming to doing…

“I want to create patterns that are well written and get paid consistently for doing what I LOVE.”
Sound familiar?

Join the movement of quilt pattern writers who design unique, well-written patterns.


you know that ...

selling quilt patterns is one of the best ways to add passive income as a Quilterpreneur.  Hands down.

No fabric.

No shipping costs.

No trading dollars for hours.

No one-to-one quilting projects.

Just the ability to create one design and sell it to many.

Bottom line, it’s the most logical way to scale while giving you that wonderful sense of creative accomplishment that made you fall in love with the craft in the first place.  


*NOTE: In this course I teach how to use Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. These are programs that are industry standard for graphic design and publishing. If you do NOT want to use these products to write your quilt patterns, I suggest starting with my FREE Canva pattern writing course. 
The Quilt Pattern Writing Course is an advanced course.

But when you finally find space for yourself and sit down

you realize . . .

You’ve got enough questions and hesitations to fill up an entire fabric warehouse.

Things like…

* Where do I begin?

* Am I doing this right?

* Is my idea unique enough?

* Why aren’t my patterns selling?

* Do my written descriptions make sense?

* Is my design too similar to another one I see online?

* How do I write the steps or create the image that goes inside?

ALL valid questions – many of which most quilters run into.

And at no fault to their own, it’s not uncommon for those questions
to bubble over into something bigger… 

Our NINE-Week Roadmap

Week 1: Your Niche

To succeed in quilt pattern writing, you need to stand out from the crowd. In week one, you’ll learn just that. You’ll get crystal-clear on who you are as a quilter. These vital (and fun!) building blocks help you create a brand, an experience, and a look – the three things that drive people to purchase *your* pattern over the next one.  

You’ll walk away from this fundamental module immediately carving the YOU-sized hole in the market. With your brand, color zone, mood board, and pattern names on lockdown, you’ll set yourself up mentally for huge wins with your goals and your “why” leading your clear path ahead.


➤ Weekly Support Call: Bring your questions, get your answers, and move forward with confidence

Week Two: Design Your Quilt Top

Uncover my go-to places and activities to spark creation, and you’ll begin to pair it with last week’s findings. You’ll quickly understand the truth behind my motto of “there’s always room at the virtual table for more beautiful designs” when you uncover new ways to spark ideas (you’ll find out about all areas of your life to pull from!)


You’ll walk away with your new quilt top fully designed with the correct size and dimensions. You’ll soak up all the steps that turn this into a reusable and enjoyable process. 

➤ Weekly Support Call: Bring your questions, get your answers, and move forward with confidence

Week Three: Drawing Diagrams and Fabric Charts

Deep dive into creating a Fabric Requirement Chart and the sneaky simple math to figuring out how much fabric your entire pattern will need – especially if your pattern offers multiple sizes. You’ll feel confident in your overall requirements, including your backing and binding, as your pattern begins to come to life. 

You’ll walk away with a complete Fabric Requirement section of your pattern and a whole lotta gusto for the remainder of your journey!

➤ Weekly Support Call: Bring your questions, get your answers, and move forward with confidence

Week Four: Implementation Week

At this point, you have learned a lot of new skills. Take this week to allow you to implement all you’ve learned. 

This week is for you to work on your quilt design and fabric requirements.

Working on your well crafted design takes time and energy. This week give you both so you can create the best pattern possible.  

➤ Weekly Support Call: Bring your questions, get your answers, and move forward with confidence

Week Five: Writing The Instructions  and Steps

Supercharge your customer experience (and your repeat customer base) when you discover how to write clear, jargon-free, and professional written steps for your design. These are no Ikea-inspired instructions you’re creating – your audience craves well-written words that enhance your brand and improve your likeability. Uplevel your overall professionalism when you arm yourself with knowledge around bleed marks, document changes mid-design, fractions, page borders, instruction orders, pattern wording, and a session of edit reviews. 

You’ll walk away with your easily understood instructions for your pattern, along with my personal written templates from years of customer feedback, editor input, previous mistakes, and sold-out patterns. 

➤ Weekly Support Call: Bring your questions, get your answers, and move forward with confidence

Week Six: Adding Figures and Images

Learn to make your pattern look the part by creating images of your blocks, a coloring page, and figures that make your pattern easy to follow. You’ll unlock the reviews from my personal editors and feedback from my research on how quilters like to consume diagram instructions.

Bonus: Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to make ALL of your quilt blocks, even Dresden Plates and Cathedral Windows.

You’ll walk away with perfectly accompanying images and figures for your pattern that excel in all the areas to set your work apart.

➤ Weekly Support Call: Bring your questions, get your answers, and move forward with confidence

Week Four: Implementation Week

You’ve covered a lot of ground at this point!  This week you have time to implement the things you’e been taught.

Making the course content do-able is my main goal. This week allows you time to apply and practice your new skills, and see if you have any questions along the way.

This week is for you to work on writing the steps of your pattern and designing figures and images.

Working on your well crafted design takes time and energy. This week give you both so you can create the best pattern possible.  

➤ Weekly Support Call: Bring your questions, get your answers, and move forward with confidence

Week Eight: Quilting Careers

Did you know there are many ways to earn an income as a quilt pattern designer? When you write professional patterns, other opportunities come along. 

Discover and hear from industry leaders who share creative ways you can grow your business as a quilt pattern designer.

You’ll walk away knowing how to diversify your income. You’ll also hear from successful quilterpreneurs sharing how they have made a career in this industry, and how you can, too!

➤ Weekly Support Call: Bring your questions, get your answers, and move forward with confidence

Week Nine: The Business of Quilt Pattern Writing

Business breakthroughs are on the menu for you this week! You’ll lean into my wisdom behind launches and growth for quilt pattern sales.

 Get tips for opening distributions accounts, selling wholesale, hosting quilt alongs, growing an engaged audience, selling your patterns online and at in-person events.

What’s best about this module is that you’ll keep coming back to it as your business grows over the months. For example, let’s say you don’t have a distributor account today. But when you do, you know you can pull up “Lesson 17: How to Open a Distribution Account” and immediately implement your findings. 

You’ll walk away with your growth plan on lockdown and a tangible plan on how to get your patterns out into the world and into the hands of many 🙂

➤ Weekly Support Call: Bring your questions, get your answers, and move forward with confidence.


are saying

brown haird girl in black tshirt standing in front of colorful quilt

Christina Lee – Sweet Potato Quilts – 

Before taking Elizabeth’s pattern writing course, I had already released a quilt pattern but was feeling lost and unsure of how I was going about the entire process. I am so glad I invested in myself by taking the course! Not only did Elizabeth teach the skills and steps needed to design and write a great pattern, she helped us find our strengths and explore the style and voice that makes us stand out as unique artists. I felt she was deeply committed to our success, demonstrated by her approachable demeanor, availability to answer questions, and desire to get to know each of us. I left the course with more confidence in my work, a great group of cohorts and friends, and the success I’ve hoped for, all of which I owe Elizabeth and the course.

Kiley Ferons of Modish Quilter Magazine

Kiley Ferons of Kileys Quilt Room – and Modish Quilter – 

The Quilt Pattern Writing Course gave me the confidence and skills I needed to successfully launch my business and provide a product that I am proud of! It was also through this course that I got my inspiration to start Modish Quilter Magazine! Elizabeth has been a wealth of knowledge and my greatest cheerleader!

Shereece Nicole of Sew Hooked on Treasures

Shereece Nicole – Sew Hooked on Tresures – 

Invest in your dreams! Meet other quilty business owners! Learn or refine pattern writing skills and bring your patterns to market! Since taking this course, my patterns are now in distribution; I’ve added 2 other revenue streams in the quilty industry outside of just quilt patterns, I’ve participated in quilty podcast interviews, and I started a growing email list!

Blond girl in light brown sweatshirt standing in front of a quilt

Liza Taylor – Liza Taylor Handmade

Elizabeth’s course was the best course I could have taken to advance my career as a pattern writer. I didn’t know where to start, and her course taught me everything I needed to know. It is incredibly comprehensive, and answers all your questions. I am so glad I took this course, it has opened so many doors for me and totally changed my life!

Belle Brunner

Belle Brunner – Seams Sew Me

The course not only teaches you how to write quilt patterns, but it also teaches you the business side of being a quilt pattern designer. There are vital skills that you learn such as the importance of branding, marketing, working with distributors, legal processes and much more. The content in the course is well laid out, digestible and the live Zoom calls with Elizabeth lend for further clarification and personal assistance in the learning process. The course is well worth the investment when you apply everything you learn.

Erin Tame

Erin Tame – Intuitive Maker – 

Adobe and EQ8 are industry standards, and this course makes using them approachable and understandable. I waited a year to be able to take your course (I had JUST missed the deadline when I discovered the course), and it was SO worth the wait!

mary go round quilts

Mary Davis – Mary Go Round Quilts

This is more than just a pattern writing course. Yes, you learn all about writing quilt patterns. But you also learn how to start running a business.
My Instagram has grown, I am reaching more people. The best thing that happened is I’ve gained the confidence to run a successful business. I could never have done this or realized my potential without Elizabeth’s help and mentorship. I sell my quilt patterns and I have a membership business that provides a monthly income stream.

Maude McDonald of The Retro Quilter

Maude MacDonald – The Retro Quilter –  

My business has grown SO MUCH since taking this course! I have grown in every way! Monetary, instagram followers, email list, personally! I’ve done 3 patterns as of now, one quilt along and I’m about to embark on a challenge. I’m working on a podcast and online course and I truly feel like the sky is the limit since taking the course!

Quilts of Summer

Jasmin Hartnell – Quilts of Summer – 

You should take this course if you have design ideas but are not sure how to get them in the world. This course gives you all the tools and teaches you step by step how to be successful, while surrounding yourself with a kind and welcoming community.

Jessica Rose – QuiltdStudios – 

Take the course, you won’t regret it.
Taking Quilters Candy’s pattern writing course was the best investment I made when I started out. I learned how to write a pattern, how to use Adobe, branding, EQ8, and so much more. Honestly, the friendships I made and the tools that I learned made this course invaluable to me as a quilter and designer.

Leslie The Seasoned Homemaker

Leslie Rutland – The Seasoned Homemaker – 

This course taught the right amount of information to not be overwhelmed with InDesign and Illustrator but still able to use these programs to make quilt patterns.
I definitely learned a lot about the structure of creating a professionally designed quilt pattern. I will use this moving forward.
Tia Curtis of Www.tiacurtisquilts.com

Tia Curits – Tia Curtis Quilts – 

Since taking the Quilt Pattern Writing Course last year i have publish 3 separate patterns and have a stack more to work on. My IG following and email list has also grown with her great tips. The Quilt Pattern Writing course is a great way to learn the industry standard for writing quilt patterns and Elizabeth is a great resource for building your Quilt business.

Alison Hamby of In The Lights Quilt

Alison Hamby – In The Light Quilts

When I signed up for the Quilt Pattern Writing Course, I knew that I wanted to write and sell quilt patterns, but I had not started any kind of business, besides selling a few quilted items on Etsy. After taking the course, I gained the tools and knowledge to not only write a quilt pattern using professional software, but to also start and promote my business. I now have a growing email subscriber list, website, and I have launched my first quilt pattern! I sold more on my first weekend that I released my pattern than I expected, and it has made me excited to continue writing more!

Becky Campbell of Sewforever

Becky Campbell – Sewforever

The course provides an organized format to follow. Learning various tech options directly related to the quilt pattern writing process saves time. The course ensures you are covering all the information that needs to be included in a well-written pattern. The community of meeting other designers and learning from each other is an added bonus.

Lindlee Smith of Plains and Pine

Lindlee Smith – Plains and Pine – 

I honestly don’t know if I would have started my business without taking the Quilt Pattern Writing Course! I loved making quilts and had just started thinking about my own quilt pattern designs but I had no idea how to get started. Only a few months after taking the course I released my first pattern, started my email list, and was selling my patterns to distributors and wholesalers. Now, years after taking the Quilt Pattern Writing Course, I still love what I am doing and am so thankful this course gave me the confidence, skills, and knowledge to begin. I especially benefited from the lessons in Adobe Illustrator which I use to write all of my quilt patterns. Elizabeth’s knowledge in the quilt industry is so helpful and she continues to support and encourage her alumni after the course ends. She is very generous in sharing what she has learned – she is a wealth of knowledge and her passion for business is obvious in her teaching.

Julia Wachs Designs

Julia Wachs – Julia Wachs Designs

This course helped me get my creative business off the ground. It helped me to find the confidence and to know what to focus on. Plus, the awesome network of fellow pattern writers I’ve met through the course is invaluable.

Tera Nicolo-Smith The Quilting Smith

Tera Nicolo-Smith –The Quilting Smith

I have a completed pattern that is ready to send to a Tech Editor. I have a much better understanding of my brand and what I want the “vibe” of my business to be. I am inspired to start growing my newsletter and feel ready to really grow the pattern writing side of my business. I have made connections with people that I would have never met without this course. The course provided me with the structure and accountability I needed to meet my goals.

Prairie Quilt Co.

Amanda Loewen – Prairie Quilt Co. – 

The best part about the Quilt Pattern Writing Course was the support from both Elizabeth and the alumni. Elizabeth was a patient, down to earth teacher who took the time to answer all the questions we had and was always encouraging. The alumni group is also incredibly supportive – answering questions for each other in our private Facebook group, and being each other’s cheerleaders as we are beginning to release our own patterns in the world.

Jess Cottrell Cottage Laine Quilts

Jesse Cottrell – Cottage Laine – 

I have learned so much beyond where I thought I would be. I learned that there is SO much more to writing a quilt pattern than I ever expected. I became more computer savvy and comfortable with Adobe. I learned how to have a business that means something to me and that will help others!

Vintage Spool Verna Mosquera

Verna Mosquera- The Vintage Spool – 

I was hesitant to sign up because I wasn’t sure how much I already used or knew about writing patterns. But what I was hoping to get was the tech portion and some new marketing tips and I really learned so much! It will be great knowledge that I can utilize moving forward. Even the stuff I knew seemed to be very similar to what you were doing so it helped me to reinforce that I was going about things the right way knowing others are doing it this way also.

Kelli Marshall Simply Mackbeth

Kelli Marshall – Simply Mackbeth Design Co. – 

I enjoy the attention to detail in this class. Little information that you probably wouldn’t think of when you are first starting is right there for you. The best part is, you can have access to and come back and review the course anytime you want and really hone in your pattern writing skill! I also really enjoy that Elizabeth takes time to answer questions or find answers when she doesn’t know. She researches, listens to students and makes the course work for truly anyone who is interested in pattern writing!

here's a recap of all

you'll receive:


  • Eight Modules of Core Pattern Writing and Selling Training …….……… Value $1,000
    • Week One: Your Niche
    • Week Two: Design Your Quilt Top
    • Week Three: Block Construction
    • Week Four: Fabric Requirements
    • Week Five: Writing The Steps
    • Week Six: Adding Images
    • Week Seven: Tech Editing
    • Week Eight: Marketing
  • Weekly Deep Dives With Elizabeth (8) ……….Value $1,000
  • Your Peer Group  …….. Value $800
  • Private Facebook Community ….. Value $100
  • BONUS: Path to Success Workbook…………………………………..……Value $25
  • BONUS: Pop Up Guest Speakers…..………………………………….……Value $1,000
  • BONUS: Retreats and gatherings only available to alumni ……………….Value $1,000

Total Value: $4,925
Your Price: $1,099


professional quilt patterns

Elizabeth Chappell of Quilters Candy

In an industry where many people feel restricted about growth (the market is over saturated, I can’t charge what I’m worth), I am here to tell you that you CAN have a successful career.  Learning how to write and sell quilt patterns is one of the best ways to establish yourself in this industry. But make no mistake, not all patterns are equal. There are industry standards when it comes to graphic design and printing. In the Quilt Pattern Writing Course, you will learn the industry standard for graphic design and printing, and how to use those standards to make your best, most professional quilt patterns possible. 

Elizabeth Chappell | Quilters Candy

learn how to write and sell quilt patterns

with payment options

In fact, there are few easily believable (but totally untrue) thoughts quilters face about designing and selling patterns. 


So let’s take a sewing needle and put a pin in these doubts, shall we?! 


Barrier Number One

"I don’t think I have what it takes."

This one – while still untrue, is not an uncommon concern. We all feel fear. The fear of failure. The fear of our patterns not selling. The fear of not having enough time to make this work. The fear of not growing a following. The fear of disappointing yourself and your family. 

Whoa. Can I just say that when we feel fear, it means we’re challenging ourselves. And my goodness, that’s a good thing. It means you have goals and hopes and dreams for yourself [gasp – yes, goals for yourself, outside of being a mom or good partner]. And the funny thing is that once you fulfill those personal goals – you end up being a better mom and partner anyways, because you’re finally doing something to fill YOUR cup and not just everyone else’s.

But to set the record straight about the fear thing – know that creating patterns is a learned skill. It means no single person was born knowing this stuff – heck, I started with NO quilt experience in 2015, only to own and run a major quilt pattern company a few years later. So for anyone that fears that they can’t do it, I’m here to say that the gal writing this to you is living proof that YES, YOU CAN.

Quilt Pattern Template with a brown and pink quilt on the cover.
Better Together Beginner Quilt, Half Square Triangle Quilt

Barrier Number TWO

"I have no new design ideas… and the market is oversaturated!"

Okay, I don’t get fired up about too much, but this one always hits a chord for me. It’s simply false. There is ALWAYS room for beautiful, well-created work in the world. Even the slightest change in design can make your audience feel something worlds apart from the last pattern. 

And when you’re able to uncover what makes you different as a quilt designer and business owner (like your experiences, your personality, your past stories, your style, your brand) – *those* are the differentiators that inspire new patterns and make people buy from YOU instead of someone else.

Here’s a very in-the-moment example – there are other possible quilt pattern teachers out there… But there’s a reason that led you to seek out learning from me rather than others.

Craft to Career Course with Quilters Candy
Quilters Candy Color

Barrier Number THREE

"I can’t learn new software, it’s too intimidating and pricey!"

Trust me, I know how scary it can feel to learn new software. My promise to you is to make learning Adobe seamless and easy. Get familiar and comfortable with the best that’s out there.

Here’s the thing – this course is for the go-getters who are ready to take their quilt pattern writing seriously.

Are you ready to learn the industry standard when it comes to publishing?

Do you want options when it comes to income? Think ghost writing, submitting to magazines, working with major brands in the industry, PLUS writing your own quilt patterns or even publishing a book! (All things I have experience with).

To do this, you need to learn the best of the best. Not the cheapest or easiest route. But the industry standard. 

I promise to break Adobe down into do-able, learnable lessons.


You are setup for success in the most professional way. Others in the industry will take you seriously and know that you take yourself and your writing career seriously.

A note on cost: I have multiple students who have tried to go a cheaper route at first, and then come and take my course because they realize they want to know Adobe. They realize it is the most powerful and professional tool in the industry and they get to a point in their pattern writing where they need to use it. Now THAT is money lost. Do it right the first time and learn Adobe from the get-go.

Believe in yourself that you will have enough success to more than cover the cost of Adobe.

Elizabeth Chappell and Craft to Career Course

Barrier Number FOUR

"It’ll be cheaper to figure it out on my own."

Hey, I’m a DIY’er as much as the next person. But the thing with doing it alone is that it’s PAINFULLY HARDER. Every single aspect of it, too – The unnecessary errors, wasted time and resources, the uncertainty, the overwhelm, the ripping things apart before they’re even fully finished… And while all the free info out there is a great start, it can only get you so far.

There’s truth behind the “you get what you pay for” idea, because for all the free blogs and videos out there, it only provides a small snippet of the big picture. And what happens when you run into a roadblock? When you have a specific question and need help in real-time? When you make a mistake but don’t know how you did it, or worse, how to fix it?


Friend, your time is more valuable than that. The gift of a creative outlet got you into this, but selling it for a profit is what keeps you going. Because we both know you deserve more than just an expensive hobby! 

You see, there’s something to be said for having work that’s done like a professional – with patterns that were created through an actual process, and not just a trial and “let’s see what happens” mentality. When you’re able to feel confident in your work because you *know* that it’s done right – from the design to writing the steps & creating the images that go inside, all the way to the marketing process – it opens the doors to more sales, more impact, more enjoyment, and more personal growth… much quicker than ever going at it as a lone-ranger.

You don’t need to rely on ‘luck’ to have success. Learn how to create that IT factor. Learn how to write quilt patterns and create a Quilt Pattern Writing business that truly stands out from the crowd.


Are you ready to grow YOUR Quilt Pattern Writing Business?

Becoming a profitable Pattern Designer is sooo incredibly doable *when* you have the right support and path

laid out ahead of you.

But the sad truth is
there are very few people in the quilting world who are willing to share all their secrets.
That’s why
I share it all: What’s worked for me, what hasn’t, and the step-by-step chess-like moves to make it happen.


What I’m about to
 welcome you into is my promise in providing you with just that…


But before we get there – let’s formally meet, if we haven’t already.

If we were in person, I’d welcome you into my Texas home (likely into my fabric-overloaded sewing room)
and offer you one of my classic smoothies as we chit chat 🙂

learn how to write and sell quilt patterns

with payment options

Elizabeth Chappell of Quilters Candy

HI - I’m Elizabeth Chappell!

Creative crafter, wife and mom of three, former English teacher, and sour jelly belly connoisseur. But the most random personal stat of them all? Stumbling into the quilter life 🙂

But when a friend invited me to a quilters festival back in 2015 – I fell in love.

The colors, the patterns, the expressions, the beauty – my creative mind was in overdrive. 

The other part of the mind though? Yeah, the ADHD side.. It struggled to focus and stay in my seat when writing out the steps. It struggled to want to jump to the next project without finishing the first. And it definitely struggled to forgive myself for mistakes.

And while you may not relate to my disability, you might be able to relate to the frustrations behind knowing what you want as a quilter and not being able to fully grasp it.

Because for many of us creatives out there – the road hasn’t been paved. (Actually, it’s been more like a wooded and hidden footpath with multiple forks at every bend.)

And that’s why when I started gaining some traction after years of learning – I knew I needed to make the path smoother for others.

Because the success that I was finding in the industry wasn’t from luck. It was from carving out repeatable processes that worked, from leaning on experts to show me the way, and from giving myself permission to deserve to reach my goals. (The last one took a little bit to realize I was *actually* worthy of all this… maybe you’ve felt something similar?)

The result? Half a decade later and I’m a published author, a respected designer of hundreds of successful patterns – many to popular wholesale distributors, a multiple 6-figure business owner, and [my personal favorite] a mentor helping other quilters do the same.

A note about adobe, software, and tech

why adobe

As you work through each week and lesson, you’ll learn how to use the industry standard in writing quilt patterns: namely Adobe products.


Don’t take the easy or cheap route – learn the best that’s out there! Take your career seriously and become the best, most professional quilt pattern writer you can. 

Bonus, if you ever decide to design fabric down the road, you will need to learn Adobe products

The good news? You will have access to the course and all the lessons FOR LIFE. So when you are ready to learn Adobe, everything you need will be here waiting for you.

I’ve been told that I have a knack for breaking down complex topics into something that’s doable for everyone, and that becomes very evident inside the Pattern Writing Course.

You’ll receive every piece of info you need to learn Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

Know that there is a clear path ahead, and you’ll be supported all the way to the finish line.


Day Dreamer Quilt by Quilters Candy


The comprehensive and step-by-step program that teaches you how to write and sell your quilt patterns on repeat So you can turn your talent into consistent, scalable income

"This course covers the right amount of information to not be overwhelmed with InDesign and Illustrator but still able to use these programs to make quilt patterns. I definitely learned a lot about the structure of creating a professionally designed quilt pattern."


You’ll tap into my “hold nothing back” mentality as you get access to 
my internal business moves, strategies, secrets, and shortcuts…

…And finish with not only a high-quality sellable pattern in hand
But the confidence and know-how to continually re-create more while you level up your business and life.



I am excited to offer each student access to a small study group!

Each student gets to choose if they want to join a small study group lead by an alumni of the course.

Study groups meet each week to ask questions, collaborate, and work through the course content together.

These study groups are one of the greatest values of this course. You will make friends and connections that will last a life time!

PLUS, with an experienced (and personally chosen by me) alumni, you can get extra insight into the industry and your career as a quilt pattern designer from someone who has walked in your shoes. 

learn how to write and sell quilt patterns

with payment options

Here’s how we make sure this program becomes your

best investment . . .


Time and time again, I hear how valuable these weekly calls are – unsurprisingly, they’ve become a driving factor behind your successful patterns. That’s because these sacred hours give us the opportunity to hop on Zoom (face to face so I can see you and your product!) and help you get unstuck. The aha-moments that happen are profound – every question is valued and explored to make sure you have the guidance you need each week to crush your goals.

“Being able to discuss my specific pattern and business questions with Elizabeth really helped provide clarity. Her deep dives helped me launch a pattern as soon as the course ended, and it sold triple what my first pattern had.” 

– Katherine Curtsinger of It’s Only Fabric and Thread


The secret sauce happens right here, my quilty friend! This opportunity allows you to opt into a small student-centric mini-mastermind (I keep these around three people, so they are more intimate) as a valuable outlet and support group on your journey. It’s where you have built-in friendships with a fellow quilter who becomes your sounding board, your weekly confidant, and your go-to for insights. These valuable partnerships run deep, and it’s not uncommon for the meet-ups to live LONG after you’ve graduated from the Quilt Pattern Writing Course.


The “Community over Competition” mentality bleeds throughout every member inside the Quilt Pattern Writing Course. This space becomes home for you, and it’s your safe haven to speak up, share stories, and make connections. You’ll be able to follow one another on social media, post what you’re working on, and make deep friendships with others around the world. Many who have gotten together in real life!

“The community has been amazing! We all follow each other and cheer each other on in each release! I have even partnered with another graduate for my upcoming pattern launch. We are all working together, and the encouragement & support is priceless!”

– Jessica – Ruth & Esther Handmade Goods


You will learn the industry standard (Adobe Illustrator and InDesign). 
You will be set for success as a pattern writer who can be taken seriously from industry professionals and insiders.
You will also be able to be a Ghost Writer, submit to magazines, and self-publish!


Hands down one of the best things about being in this class is the connections you will make.
You will have our entire class, your small group, PLUS your alumni leader. There are chances
to make new friends for life. There are chances to be featured on my platforms that are only
available to alumni. You will also get invited to events that are for alumni only. You will MORE than
get your value from this aspect alone!

Let's talk about bonuses!

what you'll receive:

  • Path to Success Workbook: Your interactive guide to navigate the path ahead of you – how to self identify where you are, where you’re going, how to course-correct, and the most profitable way to get there.
  • Pop-Up Guest Speakers: You’ll receive helpful live trainings from my Rolodex of influential business execs that will impact your journey –  from a Copyright Lawyer and a NASA Engineer, to a Quilt Math Teacher and previous QPWC students ready to share their success stories (and biggest learning moments.
  • Invitation to Alumni Only Events – One of these is inviting all alumni to dinner at my house! If you go to Quilt Market in Houston, you are invited to join us! But that’s not all. I create events throughout the year to allow alumni to meet up, collaborate, and grow our businesses together.
  • GUEST BLOG WRITER – A chance to be featured on my blog FOR PAY (plus you’ll learn the benefits of this for your business!). This is a PAID opportunity.
  • GHOST WRITER ASSOCIATION – I compile a list of all Alumni who are interested in Ghost Writing. I share this with industry insiders who are looking to hire a ghost writer. After this course, you’ll have the skills needed to do this!

learn how to write and sell quilt patterns

with payment options

learn how to write and sell quilt patterns

with confidence

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I do offer a money-back guarantee, but I’m only looking for serious action takers. You need to show that you gave the program a try before requesting a refund. I do this because I’m looking for true go-getters that want to dive in, do the work, and do it with heart. If you do the work, and you’re still not satisfied, show me your work within 14 days of enrolling, and I’ll gladly give you a refund.

Quilt Pattern Alumni Quilt Designs

Take a look at some of the past student’s designs.  

learn how to write and sell quilt patterns

with payment options

Learn how to make your own quilt patterns

with confidence

Frequently Asked Questions

and answers

How long do I have access to the course?
Students have access to course content indefinitely. As long as I have my website up and running, you have access. And I plan on having my website last a LONG time!
What if I can’t finish the course in the 8 weeks you are teaching it? 
This is common. Don’t worry if you can’t work along with the release of the lessons. You have access to the course for life, so you can work through the content when you have time. All of our zoom calls are recorded too, so you can watch them anytime!


Do I need to purchase anything else for the course?
Students should have Adobe Illustrator and InDesign to take this course. 
Is this the right course for me? 
The Quilt Pattern Writing course helps those who want to learn how to write and sell their own quilt patterns at a PROFESSIONAL LEVEL. If you are wanting to write quilt patterns professionally, and learn the industry standards, then this is definitely the right course for you.
Is there a refund policy?
I do offer a money-back guarantee, but I’m only looking for serious action takers. You need to show that you gave the program a try before requesting a refund. I do this because I’m looking for true go-getters that want to dive in, do the work, and do it with heart. If you do the work, and you’re still not satisfied, show me your work within 14 days of enrolling, and I’ll gladly give you a refund.
What outcomes can I expect?
At the end of the 8 weeks, you will have been taught how to use Adobe Illustrator and InDesign to write professional quilt patterns. You will also know how to create a quilt pattern business and brand that stands out from the crowd.
Write and Sell Quilt Patterns Class Calendar

Quilt Pattern Writing Course Calendar

See what we will be covering and on what dates during the 9 weeks. Click the image above to download the course calendar. * Reminder: don't worry if you can't make it to the Friday Live calls. They will be recorded, and you have lifetime access to the course content.


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