An UNknown Route to success with Shannon Brinkley

September 24, 2021

An Unknown Route To Success With Shannon Brinkley Podcast

An Unknown Route to Success with Shannon Brinkley

You will want to be sure to listen in to this week’s podcast, An Unknown Route to Success with Shannon Brinkley! Most people think growth and success comes from a large following on social media.  For quilters, they think writing quilt patterns is the best way to get income.  Surprise! There’s a better way.  Guest Shannon Brinkley shares all about it!  Shannon started a career as an elementary school educator.  She and her husband decided to find a way to follow their dreams and gain the flexibility to work remote.  She loved quilting and began teaching quilting class, which lead to instructing others to teach her own curriculum through her Teacher Certification Program, among others things. Not only does she have so much to offer, but she has outstanding advice for you and your business.  See how this creative, outside the box, successful business owner does it- and how you too can learn new things for your own business success! 

In this Podcast, Elizabeth and Shannon discuss:

  • Facebook Ads! How Facebook has helped her grow her email list and driven her revenues
  • How email marketing can grow your business. Shannon shares ways she has grown her list
  • How creating urgency and a reason for your customers to purchase NOW will gibe you a higher rate of success
  • Serving your audience. How providing value to your customer is the secret sauce! 
  • What do you do with those occasional unhappy customers? What can you do to keep negative encounters from bringing you down?
  • Shares mentors that she has studied for business inspiration and how looking outside the quilting industry can actually be helpful
  • Shannons 5 points for business success- advice for anyone who wants to turn their craft into a career 

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