How to Make Chemistry Fabric Pins

August 2, 2022

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Hello everyone!! Kymona from Kreative Kymona here today to show you how to make a couple of Chemistry Fabric Pins. This project is easy, fun, and will make any Chemistry lover happy!

final pins

I teach high school students on the weekend, and one of my coworkers loves science. She lives and breath science. So when I saw this chemistry fabric, I knew I had to purchase it and make something for her.

Chemistry Fabric Pins

Chemistry Fabric Pins came right to mind. She could wear them wherever she goes. I also made enough for her to share with others. 


Guess what?! There is no sewing involved!! 


Let’s get right to it!!


How to MAke CHemistry Fabric Pins

final pins
back pin



Science Fair Periodic Table Multi Fabric by Robert Kaufman

Dritz Craft Cover Button Kit – Size 30 (3/4″) and 36 (7/8″)

Rotary Cutter and Mat

Strong Glue

Pin and backs

Scissors (optional)

Fabric Marker (optional)


The Craft Cover Button Kit comes with all the pieces you need to make different buttons based on the size you purchase.


Included in the kit: are buttons, plain backs, shank backs, a clear template, and tools.


Cut the fabric: Using the clear template, center the image in the center of the template and use the rotary cutter to cut the circle out. If you aren’t steady with the rotary cutter, use a fabric marker and trace a circle, then cut with a pair of scissors.


Repeat for each button.

Making the Button

Step One: Place the transparent tool on the table with the opening facing upwards.

chemistry fabric placement

Step Two: Center the fabric over the opening.


Step Three: Place the button on top of the fabric and push down with your fingers. Turn it over to make sure your design is centered. If not, remove both pieces and start again.

chemistry fabric center
fabric between layers
chemistry pin

Step Four: Once you are happy with the center placement of your image, place the plain back on top of the fabric.

chemistry fabric pin detail
chemistry fabric placement
button back

Step Five: Use the blue tool to push the plain back onto the button, sealing the fabric ends underneath. You will know it’s closed once you hear a click or feel the click. 

pin back

Step Six: Push the finished button out of the transparent tool, and VOILA, you have a fabric cover button!!!!

Now it’s time to make pins out of these buttons!

Making the Pin

Step One: Add glue to the back of the pin.

back pin

Step Two: Place the glued pin to the back of the button and press hard. Let dry!

glued pin

Yayyy!! Aren’t these pins the cutest things you’ve seen? 

Chemistry Fabric Pins

Get ready for your next science fair!! These will make the perfect science teacher gifts! 



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