How to Grow your Email List

August 12, 2022

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How to Grow Your Email List is a follow up to Episode 69- Emails: What to Write and How Often. I am responding to my listeners questions and have taken an even deeper dive into the world of email lists! You will find helpful and tangible takeaways that you can implement in your business. PLUS I share an invitation, that if taken, is sure to grow your email list by just following one actionable step. There is so much value in these two episodes! If you put these ideas into action, you are sure to see growth in your email list.

How to Grow your Email List

Here are the things that I will share with you, about growing your email list, during this podcast: 

  • How to grow your email list. There are 2 ways: free organic growth and paid growth. I cover the pros and cons to each. 
  • Should you be giving away things for FREE? Yes! BUT it must be thoughtful and intentional. I explain how to do this.
  • Website Popups. Yes or No? What works well.
  • How to grow your email list faster. Valuable tips…especially if you opt for paid ads.
  • Collaboration is where the magic happens! How to reach out to someone and arrange for a swap. 
  • What has worked best for me. I cover things like free opt ins, being a blog guest, courses and up sales. 


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