Charging What You’re Worth

September 9, 2022

Podcast Cover Image Charging What You're Worth

Charging What You're Worth

Are you aware of your value? How do you know if you are charging what you are worth? In today’s episode, Charging What You’re Worth, find out how you can confidently charge what you deserve. As quilting entrepreneurs, it’s time for us to gather and lean in together. It is time to be more open and share what we are charging and help each other out in a beautiful way. Hear what I mean by this, plus my advice and tips on learning how you can better identify how to price your products and services. I share the why and the how to see your value and be okay in having expectations and confidence in what you are offering. Learn your worth and then own it! 

Charging What You're Worth

This is what I share with you during this episode:

  • I talk about free products. Is it worth your time? 
  • How we can set as standard as “quilterprenuers” and why we should. 
  • Creating a Media Kit. What is this you ask? I share what it is and how to create one. You should not feel guilty about setting your own terms.
  • What we charge. As business owners, it’s good to talk about what we charge. It actually serves us a business owner so that we aren’t undercharging… the whys.
  • Knowing your value and standing your ground. 
  • Charging for a product or a service…evaluating your product. How to determine what your product is worth. Ask yourself what the customer gets out of what you have to offer. What value are you offering and what is that worth?
  • Marketing! Once you know the value of your product and what you have to offer- help people see and understand that value.

We can absolutely charge what we are worth!  Know what is working for you with your products. Ask for feedback from your customers so that you know how you can improve your value. Learn what you are worth and then have confidence and own it! 

Show Notes

I want your feedback! I’d love to hear from you! What are you charging for your patterns, being a guest lecturer, for product marketing? Please share your ideas and or comments about this topic. Send me a DM or comment below.


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