The Best Beginner Quilt: ‘Better Together’

June 29, 2020

Best Beginner Quilt Quilters Candy

The Best Beginner Quilt Pattern

Better Together Quilt on Ladder


I have been working on a totally new kind of quilt pattern for some time now.  I wanted a pattern that assumed NO prior quilt knowledge, that would be the best beginner quilt pattern.  Some of the wording in quilt patterns can feel like a foreign language to new quilters, and can really turn people away from a hobby that I want more people to enjoy.  I wanted to create a pattern that makes it easy and do-able for a brand new quilter to make their first quilt.

Introducing the ‘Better Together’ Quilt Pattern

That’s why I created the ‘Better Together’ quilt pattern.  This pattern is unlike any other quilt pattern I’ve seen.  I walk through quilting terms, as well as giving in-depth explanations each step of the way.  I also created a video tutorial so people can see me do the things I write about.  I tried to think of all the possible ways to help a new quilter be successful in making this quilt.  It really is the best beginner quilt pattern.

Making the Perfect Half Square Triangle

Helping you make these Half Square Triangles


Half Square Triangle Tutorial for 'Better Together' Quilt

Showing you how I sew, helping you along the way

Why Half Square Triangles

  1. When thinking of a pattern for new quilters, I wanted a timeless design.  Half square Triangles (HSTs) are the most classic, timeless quilt block I could think of.  You can modernize them with different fabrics, but the look of the quilt top made of JUST Half Square Triangles is stunning, yet simple.
  2. Once a HST is conquered, a quilter is ready to move on to other quilt patterns.
  3. HSTs are the perfect place for a new quilter to learn Quilting.

Making This Quilt Your Own

I reached out to different beginning quilters to test this pattern.  I love seeing how each person took this beginner quilt pattern and made it unique, just by switching the fabrics they used.  Here are the different ‘Better Together’ quilt tops my pattern testers made.

From Megan of @megsaenz

Beginner Better Together Quilt by Megan

Better Together Quilt for Beginning Quilters

Half Square Triangle Quilt

From Karen of @bessiepearl

Better Together Half Square Triangle Beginner Quilt

Beginner Quilt Better Together

Notice how Karen added a border to her quilt to make it unique for her?

Half Square Triangle Quilt Better Together

From Elisabeth of @quilt_with_e She made TWO!

Better Together Beginner QUilt

Beginner Quilt Pattern Half Square Triangles

Better Together Half Square Triangle Quilt for Beginners

Half Square Triangle Quilt Better Together

Better Together Quilt Top

From Rachel Bradley of @ohsewprettyquilts

Better Together Quilt

From Amanda Chance of @modernly_mom

Better Together Beginner Quilt

Better Together Half Square Triangle Quilt

Better Together Quilt Variations by Quilters Candy

Better Together Half Square Triangle Quilt

Long Arm Quilted by @ThreeBirdsandStitches with minky backing that adds a bit of fluff to the quilt

Better Together Half Square Triangle Quilt

Machine Quilted on my Sewing Machine – linen backing

Better Together Half Square Triangle Quilt

You can see the straight line quilting

Better Together Beginner Quilt, Half Square Triangle Quilt

Entirely hand quilted – linen backing

The Pattern

If you are a beginning quilter, and want the perfect beginning quilt pattern, you can get this ‘Better Together’ pattern HERE.  If you are a more experienced quilter, you can use this pattern, as well.  Just know that the wording of it is geared for a brand new quilter.

Other Tutorials

If you are looking for help with quilting, I have a few other tutorials you might find helpful.

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