How To Handle The Haters

June 14, 2024

Episode 159

How to Handle the Haters

Anyone in business who is growing and having sucess WILL get haters. This can range from mild to severe. Learn what to do when the heat goes up and people start hating on you, your business, or how you run your business. There is a time and place to listen to feedback, and then there are strategies when it’s not in your best intrest to engage. Learn how on this episode of the Craft to Career podcast.

In this episode Elizabeth gives insight on:

  • How you can handle those who are less than pleasant on social media? 
  • We can’t shy away in business because of fear of judgement. As a business owner, it’s going to happen. Elizabeth shares a few personal examples.
  • The more you stand for something or create, the more enemies you have. When you put yourself out there, it will happen- don’t let that stop you. What you can do instead. 
  • When it comes to social media- how do you handle negative comments. Elizabeth shares 4 ideas. First, give it 24 hours before you respond. Or, JUST IGNORE IT. I explain why this is a good option and helpful advertising…it just may be beneficial to you and your business to ignore. Elizabeth shares 2 other ways, with examples, that she has learned that may also be helpful in certain situations. 
  • Hate and attack comes from the bottom up. Most people are hateful because of envy. 
  • Where do you get your beneficial feedback? 
  • Be the rock- keep bringing value to your customers, have fun, ignore the negative and build a community of supportive people.

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