What A Female Billionaire Teaches Us

June 7, 2024

Podcast 158


Love her or hate her, we have so much to learn from this female billionaire. In fact, being so loved AND hated by people is part of the lesson. We want to attract and repel people. Taylor Swift does just that. Learn tangible lessons that make your business more fun (for you and your customers), and more profitable!

In this episode Elizabeth gives insight on female billionaire, Taylor Swift, one of the most successful, savvy, female entrepreneurs of our time. Here are 7 lessons we can learn from Taylor:

  1. You do not want to be for everyone! Be polarizing! 
  2.  Be a master story teller…invite people into your world. Stories have power- they sell. Listen to examples of what Elizabeth means by this.  
  3. Easter Eggs/Marketing- hear some examples we can learn from Taylor’s easter eggs. Make marketing fun and exciting! 
  4. Creating sense of community within your business. 
  5. One of a kind – creating elements of surprise that makes people curious and excited! 
  6. Be adaptable and willing to pivot or adjust when needed (after you have solidified yourself in your industry). 
  7. Have fun in your business! Create something that lights you up and is enjoyable. It will show and your customers know it. 

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Sew Harmony (Melodie),

A long time coming…

I have a confession. I have been listening to the Craft to Career podcast since it started. I’ve loved every episode – all of the wisdom and stories that Elizabeth shares along with her amazing guests; I have been eating it all up for years with the intent to start my business. My confession is that I have been a victim to my mindset. I have for quite a while thought I would love to write a review, but this is quickly followed by the thought: when the time is right, when I start my business. Over the past week I have been presented with the opportunity to attend Elizabeth’s upcoming business retreat in the fall and after reaching out to her with questions, she promptly responded with the kindest and most encouraging message about joining their group. Elizabeth made me feel so worthy of entering into this retreat with a group of amazing Quilterpreneurs, and I had this AHA! moment when I realized, this is the same Elizabeth that I know from her podcast. The same uplifting and educating cheerleader who shows up week after week to help each of us reach our full potential. I am honored to be one of the attendees for her fall retreat and even more glad that I have had the opportunity to learn and grow with Elizabeth through her podcast. In her latest podcast with the incredible Nicole Burke, Nicole said you have to decide that you want your life to be different than it is right now. I have made my decision. I’m stepping into a new chapter and am so thankful to have these amazing ladies guiding my steps. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to the Craft to Career podcast immediately!!


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