Why Some Succeed (and Others Don’t)

June 21, 2024

episode 160

Why Some Succeed (and Others Don’t)

Business Success: Why do some people succeed and some do not? 

In this episode, Elizabeth gives insight on:

  • Marketing and business insight about selling and creating fun offers
  • How can you ethically feel okay with selling a product or course when some will not succeed? Providing quality but also knowing what is not your responsibility for the success of other business owners. 
  • There are two things that may make some more successful than others – the skillsets of those who are taking your course or using your product and how these people show up- their mindset matters.  
  •  We cannot determine the mindset people show up with. There are different mindset levels that people show up with. She shares about the bell curve and the different types of thought processes  1. Inclination. Your success is in your own hands and they prove it.  2. Having a positive, but a little more passive mindset. 3. The neutral mindset- most people are here. The “will see” if this program works… type of mindset- taking the responsibility off your own shoulders.  4. The negative passive mindset. It might work for others, but it probably won’t work for me. They blame others- the victim mentality 5. The negative active – those who feel they can prove or are determined that this won’t work for them. 
  • There is so much power in our thoughts. Work on your thoughts. She shares an exercise that helps you to put our thoughts into action. The way that we show up- our mindset affects our business. Stop thinking about doing things and do them.  How optimistic are you? Evaluate what you want in your business and the “why’s”. What is it you actually want to do? 
  •  Less is truly more- focusing on one area of your business at a time. 

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