How Stories Sell

February 16, 2024

Episode 143

How Stories Sell

Did you know the power of stories? They can make a product go from blah to “I MUST HAVE IT”! Listen to one example from author Kindra Hall, and learn four different types of stories business owners can tell to make people rush to get your products and services. Start weaving stories into your marketing, blog posts, emails, and social media content and see the results. The proof is in the pudding. Stories sell!

In this episode, Elizabeth gives insight on the power of telling stories in business, when it comes to sales. Plus shares the 4 types of stories, below:


  • We, as humans, love stories. I share a story as an example, of the power of stories, from a book. The book is called: Stories That Stick by Kindra Hall 


  • Start paying attention to others business stories. For example, think about fabric lines. Most of the time, the collection has a story behind it. Stories help customers connect with you and to remember. If there is a story- it will be more impactful.


  • Here are the 4 types of stories:
  1.  The Founders Story: How you started the business. Why? What struggles did you have? What part of your story brings up emotion?
  2. The Value Story: Where you are portraying to your customers the value of your product. What will sell is a story of transformation, not just a list of what they will get. Show by painting a picture, don’t tell. Help them to see the outcome or the transformation.
  3. The Customers Story: Show real case scenarios of those that have purchased and how that has transformed them.We all want reviews, right? We are skeptical. This is an important component when it comes to sales.
  4. The Purpose Story: You sharing your purpose so that you can find people that are aligned with that purpose. 


  • Write down your experiences, your stories, gather and collect reviews or your customers experience stories etc. When you do tell a story- keep it short and to the point and make sure it related to the customer- not tooting your own horn. Talk about what is relevant to the customer and how they can envision themselves gaining value from what you have to offer.  Show them why it is valuable and why they need it. Story telling is such a powerful way to do this. 

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