5 Myths That Are Holding You Back

January 12, 2024

Podcast 138

5 Myths That Are Holding You Back

How can we improve ourselves and show up in the best way possible? Most of business is a mental game. It is learning how to overcome obstacles that are within yourself.  Today I talk about 5 Myths that are stopping us from progressing and seeing the growth that we would like in both our business and personal life. Entrepreneurship provides self-discovery and life lessons. 

Here are 5 things for you to think about as you navigate moving forward in your business:

  • Myth Number 1: The myth of perfection. We are our own biggest critics. Perfection doesn’t exist. Nature doesn’t even allow for perfection. Learn to sit in your own and others’ imperfections. I talk about letting it go. 
  • Myth Number 2: The myth of “the right path for success”. There is not just ONE way to find success. Each business journey is going to be different. There are many ways to grow and find success. We should get caught up in only one way.
  • Myth Number 3: The myth that you have to hustle to find success. You can burn the candle at both ends and get results…but it will not be sustainable. What is your why? Are you doing something that you love? Question the “I should” You do not have to hustle or subscribe to a set of rules for success. Kindle a fire where the fuel is joy- not money. Schedule time to play- some downtime. You need it to rejuvenate, find creativity and get ideas…and to just rest.
  • Myth Number 4: The myth of happiness. The idea that we should feel happy all the time is actually not a solution, it is the problem. There is beauty and purpose in difficulty.  There is a reason life isn’t skipping down easy street all the time. I talk about feeling our emotions and not repressing them. Allowing ourselves to feel is important. The duality in life is beautiful. 
  • Myth Number 5: The myth of “if then”. This is the belief that if something happens, then I will be happier. The truth is, these results can only come from within us. We have the power to determine how we feel. We can’t blame anyone else. I also talk about recognizing facts in your thought process. There is mind-work to embrace that can help us to be happier and find success. 

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