Instagram Called- Here’s What They Said

September 29, 2023

128. Instagram Called- Here's What They Said

Instagram Called- Here's What They Said

Instagram Called- Here’s What They Said with Michelle Gifford who shares some amazing information, directly from Instagram, to implement and improve your social media success. Michelle is a wealth of knowledge. As a branding marketing strategist specializing in social media and beyond, she really has the expertise to help you and your business.  She runs a marketing agency that helps others utilize all the content available. Her focus is on strategy and creating content that will build your audience and make you more money. In episode 128: Instagram Called- Here’s What They Said, Michelle shares tips and information she learned directly from Instagram that can help you see better success with your social media presence. 

In this episode Michelle gives insight on:

  • All things Instagram! She spoke directly with Instagram and had the opportunity to ask them a myriad of questions regarding the strategy of Instagram. They talked hashtags, posting time, all about reels and more. She delves into what she learned and shares all the details. 
  • What did Instagram have to say about hashtags? We never know if and when and how many… She found out that they are not a big deal! They are an SEO tool and a way for IG to understand what your content is about. They recommend using 5-8 niche tags in strategic ways. She goes into to what she means by strategic. 
  • I ask Michelle about how her Instagram has boomed. How has she done it? Has she seen a correlation with increase of sales because of that growth? She tells us all about it. 
  • Michelle talks about strategy shifts. She brings up two points. First, to remember is that Instagram is a search engine. Train the search engine what your content is about. Second, Create content for people who do not already follow you. You actually want to create content for every part of the customers journey. Attract, nurture, then sell is what you want to remember. She talks about the edges of your niche and creating content around that. Michelle gives a great example of what that means and what it could look like. 
  • We talk about followers and how they relate to validity and sales.
  • What are some things that position someone to want others to listen to them? Your feed is for attracting new people your strategy here is important. She give listeners an assignment to research and figure out what is working for those having success. Make your posts about your audience and how you can serve them.
  • Michelle shares a few things that you want to make sure that you are doing. Make sure that you have the “what is in it for my audience” mindset. The easiest way to grow quickly is to make reels. Reels put your content in front of people who do not follow you. Create reels under 7 seconds. Use trending audio, focus on transformation posts and make sure you are giving your audience quick wins. Michelle gives examples and ideas.
  • Is it possible to give away too much for free? Make sure that your content leads people to your email list. We talk about training people to buy from you and what that looks like. You are in a relationship with your audience.
  • We talk money, women and sales. This comes up a lot in podcast interviews, and it is talked about again here. 
  • We talk about Manychat for IG. It is an automation platform and Michelle shares about it and how to use it. 
  • We talk about trending audio and how to find what is trending. 
  • Michelle shares what she offers: her subscription, audits and about her marketing agency and what all you can have done for you by someone else who is knowledgeable and can get you that success through social media and places like Pinterest, your blog etc. 
  • Michelle shares advice for someone who is starting a crafty career. The work is the way! 

Michelle's Instagram and social media success resources

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