Publishing Books with Wendy of The Weekend Quilter

August 25, 2023

Publishing Books with Wendy of The Weekend Quilter

Publishing Books with Wendy of The Weekend Quilter

Have you been curious about creating and publishing your own book? Published author, Wendy of The Weekend Quilter, shares her journey to becoming a quilting book author. From how she has gotten book deals to what that looks like for her business now, you’ll want hear her story with all the juicy details! The tips and processes she shares on the podcast most definitely could apply to any entrepreneur that is interested in sharing their craft through publishing a book.

In this episode Wendy gives insight on:

  • Who Wendy is in the quilting world and what she does.
  • Wendy is from Perth Australia and currently resides in NYC. She shares how she ended up in NYC and you won’t want to miss the story of how she met her husband! 
  • She shares about her previous corporate life and the benefits of working for yourself. 
  • In 2019, a publisher reached out to Wendy. She tells the story, the process of creating the book and how this contract catapulted her into her quilty career. 
  • Fun fact: Wendy was named one of “25 Quilters To Be Aware Of” by Martha Stewart!
  • What are the pros and cons of self publishing verses going with a publisher for your books? She explains and shares reasons for her preference. 
  • Wendy shares what doors have opened up for her since publishing books. She share about opportunities for teaching and more. 
  • Wendy is a Brand Ambassador for Brother, which was one of those things that happened after publishing her first book.
  • She shares how long it took to create each book, the process, how she wrote them, what programs she uses, photography for her book, etc. 
  • Her third book releases in September of 2023 and it is a baby board book called: First Words With Cute Quilted Friends. This book will be a great addition for a gift to give with a baby quilt as a gift! She shares how this came about. 
  • Wendy shares about whether or not publishing books is lucrative or sustainable for her. She talks about the long game and the return she has seen. Does she see herself writing ore books in the future? YEP!
  • She shares her advice for those who are starting out their crafty careers.
  • We talk about how building a community is most important, not necessarily a large audience or followers. 

Wendy's BUsiness Information

Take a look at what Wendy has to offer:

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