Changes In My Business

July 28, 2023

Changes In My Business

Changes In My Business

Changes In My Business… why am I making them and just exactly what will that look like? As you may know, I am a real proponent of narrowing down your niche and focusing on just one thing.  I have also recently shared on the podcast (episode 99) about shifting priorities.  I have spent some time this year evaluating my goals and priorities and really determining how I am going to measure my success. Today, I will be chatting to you about what I have decided to do with my business. I’m sharing what I feel needs improvement and what I need to adjust to meet my goals. The changes I will be making are exciting! I hope some of this I share may resonate with you, as you evaluate your business goals as well.

In this episode I give my personal experience and insight on:

  • I chat with you about my goals. At one point, I had a goal to make a million dollars a year in my business. I share what made me change this and why. When all is said and done, it’s not about the money. To me, it is about the difference one can make in other’s lives. The money is just not driving me anymore. When money is the driving source, it seems to be an empty purpose. 
  • How am I going to measure my success? I share what I absolutely love about my business. That is: helping people learn new skills, teaching others to sell their patterns and have business success. These and other things bring be joy and purpose. 
  • I’m not just my career. I am a wife, mother and part of a community. I released I want more time with my family and allowance to take more vacations, more breaks. I share how I am going to accomplish this…and part of it is letting one whole aspect of my business go. I will tell you exactly what that is on next week’s podcast. 
  • I talk proof of concept. You know me, i teach others to niche down! I am excited to go all in and focus 100% on quilterpreneurs ! I love the podcast and helping others. I will still design fabric and patterns here and there, but I am dropping some other aspects. 
  • Leaning into the unknown and moving forward can be scary. I am dropping a healthy part of what I bring in monetarily. There will be a dip in income, but in the long run, I know that niching down is going to pay off. It will show in my work quality and what I have to offer. 
  • Another reason I am excited to have less on my plate is that it will allow me to get more organized. To get more systems in place. I give examples of what I mean by that. 
  • Turning more over to my team, giving up the tiny details and hand over more ownership with give me more freedom and time. This is difficult to do, but I am learning to be okay with not having my hand in every detail.
  • I also have some other areas I would like to help others with, including mindset. I explain. I plan to live until I am 95! I talk about how mindset  is so powerful. I have half of my life yet, so imagine how much can happen! I want to show up in the next half of my life in ways that are fulfilling and exciting! 
  • Evaluating and being intentional is essential. I am wanting an intentional, healthy space in 2024 and show up doing things that bring me joy- like the podcast and really listening to my listeners and students about how I can really help others to have success. 

Show Notes

Join me next week on the Craft to Career Podcast. I am excited to announce what my business changes are going to be, how I decided to do it, who’s taking over, the buy out process ….all the nitty gritty! 

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Mvquilts, 07/21/2023

So good, one has to write review again! 🙂

I am back again to write yet another review because I love this podcast so much!! It is not only super informative with serous business advice and insight, but also inspirational and comforting. What I really love is the variety – some episodes are practical business advice and expert guests, some are Elizabeth’s own deep dive into a topic and some, like this very last one, with my fellow Pattern Writing Course alumni as guests- is just so fun to listen to! Elizabeth pours her heart into this podcast and everything she does and it shows at every step. That alone is a precious value and lesson to us all. Thanks again Elizabeth!!!


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