Retiring Her Husband and Moving to Portugal

June 23, 2023

Retiring Her Husband and Moving to Portugal

Retiring Her Husband and Moving to Portugal with Erin Kendal. Erin, a surface pattern designer and successful entrepreneur, Erin shares how her life has changed since opening her business. You don’t have to be a master artist to have great success. It is about mindset!  She shares how she came from the corporate world into creative business, what that looks like now, and what she sees in her future. This will be a motivational podcast for sure! 

I am excited to have Erin on to talk about how she became so successful that she retired her husband and moved to Portugal! 

Retiring Her Husband and Moving to Portugal

On the podcast we chat about:

  • Erin Introduces herself and what she does in the quilterpraneur world! She tells us how she went from working for the government in Australia, to opening her own creative business as a surface pattern designer. Erin shares how her experience in the corporate world has helped her in her business. 
  • She shares how she started with making softy toys and discovered she could create her own fabric on Spoonflower. She took a night course to learn Photoshop and Illustrator. However, she was really afraid to take the course.
  • Erin suffered since childhood with a fear of failure. She shares how she overcame this fear. She realized that she would have to be vulnerable and be willing to make mistakes if she wanted to change her life.  She developed a growth mindset.  
  • She taught herself through YouTube how to create a repeating pattern and then started selling on Spoonflower. When she started making some passive income, she decided that she would go all in. 
  • Mindset has become very important to her. She has taught a masterclass on mindset to assist others. Mindset, visualization and goal setting is what propelled her career. 
  • She shares her different revenue sources. She fully resigned in 2020 from her corporate job and she has surpassed the amount of income that she thought she could! There is no ceiling on what you can earn as a creative entrepreneur! 
  • Erin has a membership. She talks about who would be ideal and what the membership is all about. She helps break things down for those who want to sell on Spoonflower.
  • She shares what her measurement of success is. What it is that drives her. Freedom!

  • Erin used Kajabi for her membership and shares details of the lessons and the formatting that she uses to best help her clients. 
  • When people ask: Is there really room for me in this industry? IS it possible to earn money? Hear what she has to tell those who doubt. 
  • She shares what attributes that she sees in people that push people forward to see success. Mindset is everything! 
  • What happens when you see others success or you see something you view as unfair? Realize that nobody owes you anything and that it is YOU that has to make things happen. What can you do to become attractive to companies?
  • Erin shares many tips that she has for selling on Spoonflower- you will want to hear them all! 
  • She shares that she wanted to niche down in home decor design…but what came out of her was babies and children’s designs! 
  • She shares what she sees in her future. 

Show notes

Find out more and her beautiful designs on Spoonflower and through the links below:

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