Mister Domestic’s 10 Favorite Sewing Notions

April 12, 2022

Mister Domestic's Top 10 Sewing Notions

Mister Domestic’s 10 Favorite Sewing Notions

Hello there fellow humans. For those that are new to me, I am Mathew of Mister Domestic: a fabric & pattern designer, sewing instructor, owner of the new online sewing school SEW U, an inspirational speaker, consultant, and global influencer with an inclusive community on TikTok, YouTube & Instagram tracking to exceed one million by the end of this year. I am a loud and proud queer polycraftual dad of an almost 9 year old. As a result of all of these hats and creative media, I’ve learned that I can’t keep everything because, for some reason, my craft room isn’t growing when I bring new stuff in. And with every craft I do, it seems that there are hundreds of available notions to consume. And the only way to have walkable room on my floor was if I only kept high use notions. For the sewing and quilting side of my creative journey, these are Mister Domestic’s 10 Favorite Sewing Notions.


Photo by Becca Blevins 

Mister Domestic's 10 Favorite Sewing Notions


Patterns By Annie’s Stiletto is a must have for anyone whose fingers might venture too close to the needle as we throw caution to the wind when using our sewing machines. And yes, I am this person. I’ve only ever sewn through my thumb once and you’d think that would’ve changed my behavior. Well, that’s where this Stiletto from Patterns By Annie comes in. The fine point really allows me to get into the spaces that my fingers needed to stay away from. And all of my sewing, especially in the really “hands on” parts, became super crisp. 


Not all snips are created equal, as evidenced by the graveyard of inadequate scissors stored in a box that, for some reason, I can’t let go of. But these Sookie Sews Snips are a next level situation. Like first, these things are sharp. Like if there was an intruder and I needed to grab something it would be these snips kinda sharp. But perhaps even more important is the construction. The scissors, hook snips, & tweezers are in heavy rotation unless I can’t find them and then no cut is ever satisfying. 10 out of 10 I would highly recommend.


When I  first began sewing, I was mostly making clothes. So when I started quilting, I naturally used my Clapper to secure my seams after pressing them. If you’re new to the Clapper, you know how when you press your seams and then lift up the iron and the seam allowance will lift of a bit. Well, if you put the Clapper on top of the seam immediately after pressing, it will cool and lock in the shape, creating super crisp seams.



While not on this list, LDH is my go-to for tailors shears and snips. LDH stands from Love, Dedication & Happiness so it was a natural fit regarding shared values and intention. Their rotary cutter hasn’t gotten its fair share of attention, so I figured this was the moment. Their blades seem to last longer than others and the design of the cutter is ambidextrous, which is super awesome for left-handed creators.



If you ever need to hand sew and feel a certain type of way about standard needles, self-threading needles are the solution you’ve been asking for. That’s it. Get ‘em.

Roxannes Glue Baste it

For most of my sewing, I don’t really use pins or clips. I just go for it and hope the pattern is right and geometry works. But this doesn’t mean that I don’t baste. I just glue baste when needed so that I don’t have to fidget with anything when at the sewing machine. Roxannes Glue Baste-it is my favorite and the accordion style works the best. However, if you already have Elmer’s School Glue, then you can get these super awesome microfine tips that you screw right onto the Elmers Bottle. Pro Tip: When glue basting, make sure to heat set the glue with an iron and allow it to cool. This will keep the glue from “gunking up” your needle.


The same applies for me with basting quilts. I generally baste quilts on my wall and always use 505 Spray Baste. Of all the spray adhesive options out there, this one seems to consistently work the best. When using, just make sure to spray the fabric instead of the batting for a secure baste.


Painters Tape is my favorite sewing notion. In a pinch, I’ll reach for masking tape, but the tack of painters tape is perfect for securing my weaves before I quilt them and for straight line quilting smaller projects. But really, it’s a must have for me because the uses are endless.



If you are a hand-sewist and you have never heard about Thimble Pads, I’m about to change your life. When I started hand sewing, a regular thimble just felt weird to me, so I didn’t use anything. And these milliner needles are sharp and thin so I ended up with swiss cheese fingers by the time I was done. Swiss cheese no more. I reuse each one until it just looks filthy and then I’ll reach for another one. Trust me, these will save your fingers.


I have tried to fall in love with other brands and products to make fabric crispy flat, but I never did. I knew what I needed and starch just didn’t make sense to me. The needs of my dress shirts are not the same as the needs for my quilt blocks. And when Magic’s Premium Quilting & Crafting spray came into my life, the first thing I said was how this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. It’s perfect. I’m confident y’all will feel the same.

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