Must-Have Quilting Supplies

April 8, 2019

Must Have Quilting Supplies

A Quick and Easy Guide: Must-Have Quilting Supplies

An iron pressing fabric in half, a rotary cutter, and scissors.


Learn what the must-have quilting supplies are that will improve your quilting accuracy.  My quilting improved SO MUCH when a friend shared with me some of her must-have quilting supplies. I’m going to share those same, helpful tips with you!

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Must Have Quilting Supplies


First things first, you’re going to need a sewing machine.  Unless you are hand piecing, which if that’s the case, you are Wonder Woman! But for the rest of us, a good sewing machine is our best friend.  I started quilting with this Husqvarna machine, which I still own and use when I service my new machine.  I did decide to get a Bernina when I realized quilting and sewing was something I was going to be doing a lot of.  Here it the machine I have now: MY BERNINA

Bernina 570 Quilters Edition Sewing Machine

I will shortly be writing a blog post with a list of the different sewing machines for beginning sewers –  advanced sewers, so keep your eyes peeled for that!


Aurifil White Cotton Thread

You need a good quality thread to sew with.  I have used both 100% cotton and polyester, and both work great. I find that the cotton thread, to me, feels a bit smoother and nicer, so I stick with that.  But it’s just a matter of preference.  I DO recommend starting with WHITE thread. It’s forgiving (in that it isn’t too bold and doesn’t stand out) and a great universal thread.  Find my favorite thread HERE.


If you just have ONE ruler, get this Creative Grids 6 ½” x 24 ½” ruler.  This brand has built-in grippy stickers on the reverse to hold your fabric in place while cutting.  It’s also big enough to work with large fabric cuts, but you can use it for smaller fabric pieces as well.  It’s also clear, so you can see through the ruler to make sure your fabric is perfectly lined up before you cut it.  If you decide you want more rulers after getting this staple ruler, watch my video on MUST-HAVE RULERS.

Creative Grids Ruler 6 ½" x 24 ½"


One of the best inventions for quilters was the rotary cutter.  No more having to cut with scissors.  You can use your ruler and a rotary cutter and have a nice, long, clean line on your fabric.  To start with, and for most quilting, a 45mm size blade is perfect.  I also recommend using the Olfa Brand cutter.  They are the go-to brand of rotary cutters, and I have found them to be the best quality.

Olfa Brand Rotary Cutter



When using a rotary cutter, you do not want to cut on a regular surface.  You will damage both the surface you are cutting on AND the blade of your rotary cutter.  That’s why you need a self-healing cutting mat.  These mats are made of a very slightly rubber material that allows your fabric to but cut, but also lets your blade sink into the mat ever so slightly.  They last a LONG time.  And to begin, I would get a mat no smaller than 18″ x 24″.  But if you want a larger size mat, you won’t regret it. 

l and will make your fabric cutting more accurate. I recommend, if you are getting just ONE ruler, to go with a 6″ x 24″ ruler. It can do all the cutting you need. Olfa Brand Self Healing Cutting Mat



When you sew your fabric pieces together after cutting them, it’s REALLY helpful, dare I say mandatory, to use pins to hold your fabric in place.  Without using pins, your fabric moves while you sew, and yor pieces will not line up.  You don’t need anything fancy.  Here are some simple, easy to find Dritz brand Quilter’s pins. 

Dritz Brand Straight Quilting Pins


Almost every step of the way in quilting, you want to press your fabric.  You need a good iron for that.  I LOVE my smart Oliso iron, but really, any good iron will do.  I highly recommend not putting any water in your iron, as it causes buildup and rust.  Just keep a bottle of water and starch close by, and spray your fabric with that.  

Oliso Brand Smart Iron in Pink


I have an entire blog article and YouTube tutorial on using starch.  Needless to say, starch one of those things you should treat yourself with.  An accurately pieced quilt top will be your reward!

Faultless Premium Starch for Quilts

I hope this helps you get the materials you need to start quilting!  And if you haven’t guessed what the secret tips where that made my quilting improve: it was the starch and a good iron.

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