Selling On Etsy with Lauren Keplinger

April 15, 2022

Selling on Etsy with Lauren Keplinger

Selling On Etsy with Lauren Keplinger

Listen and learn about Selling on Etsy with Lauren Keplinger. Wondering if selling on Etsy is the right fit for your business? Have you been a little confused about how Etsy works? Lauren has been selling on Etsy since 2012 and also coaches others on how to grow their Etsy shop into meaningful income. You will want to hear how Etsy may be a way for you to grow your business as Lauren shares her insightful view on Etsy and her business advice. 

On the podcast, the following is shared:

  • Lauren talks about the how and why she started her Etsy shop and what she sells. 
  • Why Etsy? Maybe you have some reservations about Etsy…is it worth it? Lauren think it is. Hear what she knows and her reasons. 
  • Etsy’s fees and percentage of sales and Lauren’s perspective. You may see things differently after listening and learning about what she has to say! 
  • Marketing… comparison with other platforms. 
  • Etsy has an enormous buyer base and built in traffic. She talks about optimizing your listings and how to take advantage of the audience Etsy is providing for you.
  • Etsy SEO- making sure your products are being seen. She speaks about her business and how she teaches her clients how to create better listing descriptions so that they ARE seen and you get those sales. 
  • Lauren’s coaching course and troubleshooting support for Etsy. She helps you to view Etsy as a buyer would, not a seller. Think of how a buyer searches for product- wording is so important. 
  • Speaks a little about revenue streams for her business and how she has diversified her income stream, but has stayed within her niche.
  • Hear her advice for new entrepreneurs and interested or new Etsy shop owners. 

SHow Notes

Click below to find out more information about Lauren and the services she offers:

Lauren’s business website where you can learn helpful information for your Etsy shop and courses that will help you to meet your Etsy goals. 

Crickets To Cha-Chings podcast 

Find her on Instagram 



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Review of the Week

beccaplymalecreative, 04/08/2022

Love this podcast! 

I always love, love, love the Craft to Career podcast but today’s episode hit so close to home. This episode was full of such wonderful advice for someone struggling with an autoimmune disease who wants to continue to advice their business. Thank you for continuing to bring such insightful takeaways! 


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